SixthGreat Grandfather...Colonial Officer And A Gentleman

Robert Napier was born in Hampton Parish, York County, Virginia to Doctor Patrick Napier and wife Elizabeth Booth Napier(1641-1717) on May 2, 1660.

He was the first Napier to be born in America as his father Patrick was an immigrant from Scotland having arrived on the shores of Jamestown, Virginia in 1655 at age 21.

Captain Robert Napier was know as a Tobacco Planter, a Militia Officer, an Attorney and a Parish Vestryman. He is historically noted as the real progenitor of the Napier name in America, since he was the only male child of his parents, and had a much larger progeny than his father.

 Many if not all Napier's today can trace their origin back to Captain Robert Napier and Mary Perrin Napier including my 4xGreat Grandmother Mary Julia Napier Pittman and her son Rene Marion Pittman...my 3xGreat Grandfather.

Captain Robert Napier's story now on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.  
Give it a read and learn his connection with Patrick Henry's famous
'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' speech.


  1. looks like a no-nonsense fellow.

  2. I am still laughing at your comment on MY blog. I've been a terrible friend myself - inconsistent with visits and comments due to trying to write a bunch of blogs ahead so that I could do some vacationing without worrying about the blogisphere. And then your connection to the Napiers in Albemarle County made me sit up and take notice. Our friend Dennis Napier hails from Albemarle. He's a nut. I bet you two are related -- something about that humor gene!


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