Mayday, Mayday!

It's okay! 
 Sorry if you were alarmed by the Mayday signal...it's just that I don't know
 Who, What or Where to go on this first Day of May. 
I think it's a common May Day Malady...not knowing what's next after an intense month of blogging every day but Sunday. 

I survived!  My Survival Badge will go right over there on the sidebar with the rest of the AtoZ 2014 Challenge Icons/Links.  Here in a few days, I'll merge them with AtoZ 2012 and AtoZ 2013.

I am getting quite a COLLECTION...but, hey, that's WHO I am... CollectInTexas Gal!

There ya go, Sue...the WHO...answered.  Now for the WHAT!
Hmmm, that's going to be harder to figure out as I have been inspired
 by the bloggers I met on this AtoZ 2014 Challenge. 
AtoZ 2014 BlogRoll
Check out my FAVS on my AtoZ BlogRoll.
  • They have inspired me to Read, Write, Bead, Travel, Draw, Research, Publish and
  • Think Outside the Blog Box!
  • Thank-You All...that takes care of WHAT to do!
  • Now it's a matter of WHEN!
  • I imagine SOONER than LATER...I'm pretty Flighty and don't stay still for long!
  • But, I think I'll 'Stop and Smell the Roses' and 'Stitch' for a few
  • MAY DAYS!!!


    debi o'neille said...

    Enjoy stitching away a few days of May, Sue. I have no post today, and I'm not going to. :-)
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

    Joanne said...

    I may take a day or two to relax and bask in the glory that was April. Then back to writing and reading (and work interferes with that a lot). Anyway, your blog is one I shall enjoy thanks to A to Z discovery. Stitch away some tales to come

    Liz said...

    Beautiful hummingbird. What a lovely project!

    Lynda Dietz said...

    Sue, I've enjoyed your blog so much this month! Thank you for featuring my blog on your Blogroll. I love being in the company of so many great bloggers!

    Take a day or two to recover. I slept in today and boy, did it feel great.

    Annesphamily said...

    Hi Sue! Woo Hoo! I love visiting you! Trying to catch up a lil. Going to whip up my very own Kentucky Derby hat this morning. Have an anniversary breakfast with my honey and pick up our anniversary cake he ordered for us! Ah.....he is a true keeper. Then a quiet dinner after the Ky Derby and maybe a movie too. Our day is filled with goodness and I hope yours is too. Love and Hugs, Anne


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