A Texas Boarding House Journal

Welcome to my Texas Boarding House.  I'm Emma, the proprietress.
My daughter Sarah and I run a clean, comfortable place here with breakfast and supper included in a nights stay.  The rules are simple...no foul language, no shootin' off of guns, rifles or fireworks, and absolutely no tobacco spittin' in the house.  You are welcome to come and go as you please, but lock your room when you leave.  I don't tolerate thievin', and anyone suspected of stealing or damaging property will be promptly turned over to my husband, the Sheriff.

Several years ago, I started jotting notes in the margins of the Registry beside the guests names.  Just some information that helped me remember the guests likes and dislikes and maybe an interesting fact or two about who they were, what they were doing here and where they were from.  Before I knew it the Registry looked like one of them scrapbooks, as sometimes the guests made the newspaper and that clipping went in the Register, too.

So, as you can see, this Journal has taken the place of the Registry and my note jotting has proliferated into much more than bits of information.  Please notice that this Journal is called 'Registry 1912' and in order to protect the privacy of our guests, I don't use their God given names...unless they are famous folks or scoundrels.  In those cases their names will be all over the newspapers and the publicity is good for business.

I write when I have time and when there is a story that must be told while it is fresh on my mind.  Therefore, the posts are in order as they are written.  Ya'll enjoy the stories and keep in mind that I not only wield a pen, but also a Winchester.....No foolin'....No Spittin' and No Thievin'!

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To Be Continued...Ya'll Come Back!
There's always a Room for you here at the
Texas Boarding House.

I'd leave a light on for Ya'll, but the Sheriff says No.

Authored by Sandra Sue Pittman
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  1. Emma looks like she knows how to use a whip, should the need arise.

  2. Great post! I love history and genealogy! Great pictures ans story. Hugs, K


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