1943 Stenographer Says "Practice Makes Perfect"

Practice Makes Perfect
In 1943, Thelma Klemish was a Senior at Exira High School in Exira, Iowa. 
 "Practice Makes Perfect, Thelma"
She heard those words from her Commericial Instructor,  Mrs. Robert P. Shirley.
She heard those words from her Basketball Coach, Mr. Robert P. Shirley. 
AhHa!  A 'Practice Makes Perfect' Consipiracy!

I asked Thelma about that 'Consipiracy Theory' and if it was the beginning of her lifelong use of the words, 'Practice Makes Perfect'. You see, I've heard those words of wisdom from her my entire life.

She said, "At the time, I was sure they were in cahoots. Practice was boring and I always thought of myself as a Game Player. If I heard, "Thelma, use the backboard", once I heard it a million times. My Steno Pad was a collection of Big Red X's and O's and notes from Mrs. Shirley...'practice, practice, practice, Thelma'.

I took Shorthand for the first time as a Junior in 1942 and earned a certificate for 60 words a minute. Mrs. Shirley congratulated me in one breath and in the next said I could do better..."You know Thelma, 'Practice Makes Perfect". I heard the same thing from Coach Shirley when he handed me my Letter Award for basketball.

By the end of my Senior Year "Practice Makes Perfect" made 'Perfect Sense". With 'Practice', my Shorthand Speed increased to 80 words a minute and 'The Backboard' became my favorite scoring shot! I'll always remember Coach Shirley's words when he handed me my Team Captain Certificate, Thelma, you are a Perfect example of Perfect Practice Makes for Perfect Games
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PS...About Thelma, the 1943 Stenographer...in February she celebrated her 85th Birthday.  Her lifelong BFF...Best Friend Forever...from Exira High School's Graduating Class of 1943 was her Guest of Honor. 

Throughout their lives, 'Practice Makes Perfect' has made 'Perfect Sense'.  They have been 'Role Models' for their children, grand children and great grand children who continue to Practice...'Practice Makes Perfect".

Coach and Mrs. Robert P. Shirley will be one of the 'First Folks' I will look for in the 1940 US Census.

PPS...Thanks to Thelma and her being a part of the 'The Greatest Generation', my post 'Ring-A-Ding-A-Ling...1947 Mobile Phone Calling' was selected as one of the Four Winning Entrants in last weeks 'Weekly Ambassadors Contest'. 
Thanks Mom,


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I just love how you have integrated your genealogy and collecting/decorating together in one blog. Food for thought!

Cindy Price said...

What a great post!! Thank you for sharing. Good luck!!

Julie said...

Great Job Sue! Indeed Practice does make perfect! Keep up the good work!

Ames said...

Aw how perfect was that! ~Ames

SueAnn said...

What a great post! Congratulations on your win last week!

Unknown said...

I try to read several of your posts every week , Sue. They are all so fascinating & educational, to boot!

I hope you catch tomorrow's post, more of the same as today.

Can never get enough history nor read enough of it. You always have a flair for making it interesting & creating the desire to read more.

Thank you for always being educational & informative.
Have a lovely day ~

Family Curator said...

Great post, and most inspirational! Yes, Practice does get closer to Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Sue...sweet, informative and clever! Mother is certainly inspirational as a person, and obviously for sharing special stories. I love this so much!
Congratulations on your award, and hope to see you get published...very soon! :)

love you,

Nancy said...

What a fun post. Congratulations on your win last week!


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