SuKnitWitty SnapsOut of FiberComa

In the beginning someone, somehow, someway figured out that with a piece of string and a couple of sticks, a piece of cloth could be made that would someday send a specific section of the worlds population into a FiberComa and Knitting Stuff Addiction....by SuKnitWitty...March 2011.

Here it is a year later, and even though I fought it 'Tooth and ToeNail', my Knitting Stuff Addiction has 'Quadrupled' and the only thing that snaps me out of the FiberComa is more Yarn.  All this KnittingMania came back to me full force when I made SuKnitWitty a part of CollectInTexas Gal, and now I'm having a 'YarnAholic Attack'.  I'm thinkin' that if I SHARE my Thoughts and Feelings with Ya'll, it will be like attending YarnAholic's Anonymous and I'll 'SnapOut Of It' without cashing in HiHoney's life savings for more Knitting Stuff.

So here goes my YAA StandUp Presentation!
"Hello, I am a YarnAholic"......

 Most everyone knows what Yarn is, so I won't go into the specifics of how it came to be or the
 in's and out's of getting it from Sheep to Shop! 
 I'll just get right to the Fiber Coma and Addiction part of being a Knitter and YarnAHolic!
Yarn is kinda like Potato Chips!  One is never enough!
A well rounded Yarn Stash should have the following:
  1. 2 or 3 skeins...4 would be better...of every color of yarn known to woman kind.
  2. a variety of weights like Fingering, DK, Sport, Sock, Worsted in basic color palette and then some zingers.
  3. one can't use 100% Wool on everything, so gotta have silk blends, acrylics, cottons and whatever else is the latest in the world of YarnArama!
There's more, but I think you get the picture. 
The worst of it is I haven't even begun to touch on the horrible side effects of having a YarnARama Stash!
  The Tools, Gadgets, Bags, Books and Stuff!
    The thing is, I never intended for this Yarn Thingie to get to the Coma and Addiction Stage! 
    It's not like I haven't been there before!
    Before I became a Yarn Junkie, I was a Quilt/FabricAHolic!
    I was the Queen of QuiteALot of Everything Quilty!

    Some might say I still am, however after lots of
    Fabric DeTox and ReFocus Therapy that Stash is what I call Busted!

    Now I am ReFocused on managing my YarnARama!
    I have it down to Knit Blogging once or twice a month...
    ...instead of daily.
    One Wednesday Afternoon a week Knitting Group and
     One Monday Night a Month Knitting Guild Meeting.
    Two Rooms and One Nest at home.
    A Few Several Untold Number of Works In Progress.

    Thanks for listening....I'm feeling better already!
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  1. I haven't a clue how to knit (or crochet) but, I love to read. Have you heard of the Maggie Sefton series of knitting mysteries? They are really good. I've read all but the last few (need to get those). They even include patterns. Check them out.

  2. Oh Sue... you are so much in denial. lol. Admit it... you want to get more yarn!!!
    Come see me, you can pretend my stash is part of your stash and you now have a HUGE stash. I'll even let you pet it. :)

  3. Lovely,lovely blog! I'm a new follower! ♥♥

  4. Oh Sue I wish I knew how to knit. Every since I read Debbie Macomber's book "A Shop on Blossom Street", I wanted to knit something. I was at an Arts and Craft fare in New Symrna kast month and this one vendor was making the most beautiful shawls out of recycled yarn. That stirred up my yearning to knit once again. I can crochet but never learned to knit. :) boo hoo!~Ames

  5. LOL ... of a friend I had in California..she brought home an 8 ft tall man made out of yarn from a yarn shop in Berkeley. She named him "Yarnell" and kept him in her living room. (())


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