Womankind - My Paternal Grandmother Kind

A to Z Family Tree...The Letter 'W'

If you trace your Direct Ancestor Line back to your 5X Great Grandparents you would come up with 128 Grandparents.  Sixty-four of them would be your Grandmothers.  Thirty-two of them would be your Paternal Grandmothers.

I didn't growup knowing my Paternal Grandmother.  I met her only once.  I held her hand for this picture and everytime I look at it I wonder why she wasn't holding mine.  Her story:  The Grandmother I Met Only Once.

In the search and research of my Pittman-Carroll-Marley-Leatherwood Family Tree, I have been able to trace back to my Paternal 5XGreat Grandmothers on three of the four Family Names.
The Pittman Grandmother Line
5X Great Grandmother...Mary Polly Rowe Pittman
Born: 1730 in Isle of Wrights, Virginia
Died: May 1, 1810 in Kiokee Creek, Georgia
4X Great Grandmother...Lucy Eunice Marshall Pittman
Born: July 18, 1760 in Wndsor, Connecticut
Died:  October 17, 1821 in Gwinnett County, Georgia
3X Great Grandmother...Frances Jackson Stone Pittman
Born:  January 6, 1783 in Franklin County, Georgia
Died:  January 28, 1857 in Pauylding County, Georgia
2X Great Grandmother...Mary Anne Howell Pittman
Born:  January 28, 1822 in Cobb County, Georgia
Died:  August 22, 1890 in Queen Mills, Georgia
Great Grandmother...Emma June Howell Pittman
Born:  August 20, 1849 in Georgia
Died:  May 4, 1895 in Mapleton, Georgia
Grandmother...Effie Estella Carroll Pittman
Born:  June 22, 1900 in Jack County, Texas
Died:  April 29, 1962 in Anchorage, Alaska 
Womankind...My Granddaughters Kind...Their Great Grandmother and Grandmother Kind!
I can't imagine not 'Holding Her Hand'.
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  1. Wow, almost made me cry. For a woman to do that is so hard to understand. I have a similar story of my Maternal Grandfather I will share later. I went to the account in June, 2010 and read that too. Oh how something like this can hurt (the hand holding). The pic of you and your girls and Mom are fantastic.

  2. It's mind-boggling when you start counting grandparents. This is a lovely and thought-provoking W post. Love the photos.

  3. Hello dear Sue, forgive me for being away too long. No excuses, life just gets away from me in the form of "time" and busy too. I have missed you.

    I just can't imaging knowing my grandmothers so far back. My family have been her since the early 1700's but finding them would be a challenge I wouldn't undertake. I know my great grandparents on both sides and no further back then that.

    I adore your photo with your daughters and your mom. Holding hands is a wonderful gesture of love. Kudos to you my friend.

    Hugs, Jeanne xoxo

  4. The photo of you with your granddaughters is so healing when put in the frame of the story of your paternal grandmother. I notice that, while she isn't holding your hand, I can see her hand around your father's waist.

  5. Great little bit of genealogy! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com


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