The Sandman and The Magic Bucket

AwwwwMan!!!  That's what I say whenever I'm talkin' and tellin' a really good story, and I look up and my Nana is looking at me like I'm speakin'  JabberWocky'....that's what she calls my English!  The thing is, I know exactly what I'm talkin' about and just to prove it I'll tell you a story about how I got my 'Magic Bucket'.

Once upon a time....I start like that cause when my Papa reads me stories that's what he says.....Once upon a time there was a bucket.  It was boo...I like boo...my eyes are boo...you know I mean blue...okay!  Before the 'BooBucket' was mine, it lived at Walmart.   I spotted it from my seat in that thing that everybody sticks their little kids in when they go to Walmart.  My Nana says, "Oh boy, you get to ride.  How fun is that?"  If my English was better, she would know that "It's NOT FUN!".... so I just grab her around the neck while she is forcing my shoes through the holes and finally strapping me down like I could possibly get out of there.  Besides, I know exactly what I'm doing....because the next thing she says, "Sit there and be good and we'll get a TOY"....that's how I got the BooBucket!!!!
Now, I want you to know that I know about 'Magic' and how it works.  You see, I watch alot of Dora and Sponge Bob.  Dora has a Backpack, and eevvverry time it starts singing so does my Papa.  We sing the Back Pack song and Papa says, "Isn't that Magical".  My BooBucket is kind of like Dora's Backpack...it came full of magical stuff like fishes, a star, scoopers, and even a Magic Castle.
It has been my experience as a 'SpongeBob Officianado', that the SquarePants Magic is beyond belief. 
I never thought there could be anything more Wizardly than TheSponge, but guess what....
my BooBucket is!
Stuff just kept coming out of the BooBucket!
After the Fishes, Stars and Castles came a
Big BooBowl
Bags and Bags of Sand
Boats and Dump Trucks
and most Magical of All...
Awwwwwsome Man!!!


  1. Great story Sue! Makes me kinda want a BooBucket too-but I'm not sitting in the cart:@)

  2. Oh, what a cutie! And a great storyteller! Yay for kids in sandboxes!

  3. Love his magical BooBucket! Amazing what things come out of it. He's gonna be a great storyteller like his Nana.

  4. This post could have come from another planet - the sun, the little one in his shirt sleeves....please bottle some of that warmth and send it up here!
    What a cute post - everyone should have a Nana to buy a boo bucket.

  5. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Now I want to take the kids to the park and play in the sand with them. Just have to remember to change my clothes before hopping into bed. Wifey gets a bit upset when sand gets in the sheets.

  6. Every fellow needs a boo bucket, and he's a fine fellow with a fine boo bucket.

    I believe his nana adores him.♥

  7. What a sweet story! I love the boo bucket story! What beautiful photos too!


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