Floral Fantasy Foolishness

Did you know that Buttercups Glow Yellow when you hold them under your chin?
Who knew?  
It never occurred to me to Pluck a Buttercup and hold it under my chin....
I was busy photographing them and dodging the bees.
I must admint....It Glows!
Here's the story...Believe it or Not!
Inspired by a childrens playground game,
 'Buttercup ChinUp',
 scientist set out to find the secret of the buttercup's shine. 

The BS Report
Most plant cells are 'corrugated', however, the buttercup cells are mirror-flat....a feature that makes them good at bouncing back light.  The amount of light is increased by an 'Air Gap' which lies beneath the flat cells.  There's more...deeper into the petal, a 'Brilliant White' layer of starch also bounces back light...ensuring the flower's head looks yellow from whichever direction it is viewed. 

Bees are particularly attracted to the Yellow Buttercup as it reflects UV light which gives the appearance of FND's...fake nectar droplets.  Seriously, the research provided exciting insight into not only 'Buttercup ChinUp', but the lengths to which flowers will go to attract pollinators.

In conclusion of this BS...Botanical Scientific Report...the research team stated... 
"This phenomenon has intrigued scientists and laymen alike for centuries, and it is gratifying to discover that the physical properties of the Buttercup Petals means that everyone should
 'Like Butter'."
Tips for a 'Winning Chin'
'Sunny Day...AluminFoiled Chin...UV Shades and a
Texas Yellow Buttercup!

Happy April Fools Day!!! 


  1. And a Happy April Fools Day to you too. Enjoy your day. (Oh I didn't mean to imply that you are a fool!!!) Just enjoy the day.

  2. Happy April Fools Day too! Those buttercups are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos, Sue! Buttercups sure bring a smile to us!

  4. Pretty flowers! You photograph everything so beautifully.


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