Easter Sunday 1966 - Back In The Day

Easter Sunday April 10, 1966

Memories...Memories...Here's a few this picture brought back today, Easter Sunday April 8, 2012.
*Newlyweds of three months....married December 27, 1965.

Comments from my Hi Honey...the one without the Hat!

Look how Skinny we were!  What happened?

That was my first suit.  Bought it at Sumners for trip to Lubbock.  Back then you wore a suit and tie for Football Scholarship interviews. 

There's my 1960 Chevy Impala.  My first car.  Paid $800 for it in 1964. 
(the rest of his car comments have been sensored...somethin about the backseat and parkin)

What's with you lookin so much shorter than me? 
I'm sure I thought it out before the picture was taken...I'm so posed...I didn't want my Hat to be taller than your head so I put you on the porch!

What color was your hair under that Hat?  Remember when you tried to be a blonde and it turned out orange? 
I don't know and yes, I remember.  Thank you very much!

Did you make that outfit?  Look at that purse!  Either it was a reallllly big one or you were reallllly skinny!
I don't know and it WAS a realllllly big one!

I sure wish I still had that CAR!
I sure wish I still had that HAT!

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  1. Sue,
    Wonderful photo and post. Happy Easter.


  2. You were so stylish! Happy Easter.

  3. Anonymous4/10/2012

    A favorite photo of you two...love the conversation! lol

  4. Love this photo of you and HiHoney . . . the comments . . . priceless! Happy Belated Easter . . . wonderful post, thank you.


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