Tracks of My Texas Ancestors

A to Z Family Tree...Letter 'T'

Welcome to Tracks of My Texas Ancestors
A Collection of Family History and Genealogy Research
of my
Father's Texas Pioneer Families
Our Family Mesquite Tree has grown deep roots in Ward County Texas where my
 Great Grandfather journeyed in a covered wagon from Georgia in the 1890's.

Mesquite trees grow in twisted and intertwining branches, survive in a difficult environment and produce a bountiful crop of beans, so the comparison to the Pittman/Carroll/Marley/Leatherwood Family is appropriate. Two of these Family names became intertwined with the marriage of Pittman Brothers to Carroll Sisters which produced a bountiful crop of 'Double Cousins', and a long line of descendents throughout the state of Texas and the Southwest.

My siblings and I are the 5th Generation of these West Texas Pioneer Ancestors.  We were raised where our great grandfather, grandfather and father put down roots.  Our Family Geneaology Study and Documentation began with my Aunt Irene who spent countless hours researching Historical Societies from Georgia to Texas. Her many pages of 'Family Group Logs', notes, letters and memorbilia have given me an unprecedented head start.
Tracks of My Texas Ancestors serves as a Data Base for the Collections of Family History
 which is first posted or announced on CollectIn Texas Gal. 
The Two Blogs are Linked and Intertwined together much like our
Family Mesquite Tree through the Posts, Pages and Sidebar Links.

Twenty years ago, or so, I began writing short stories based on Aunt Irene's notes and collections of family history.  Mostly, though, the stories stem from hours of listening to my Great Uncle Mert, Dad's brother MD, and several 'Old Timers' who knew my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Dad back in the day.  It's one of the advantages of growing up in the same small West Texas Town as ones ancestors...'Everybody knows you and All your Family, their business and history'!

One of my first stories was based on this photo of my Dad and his brother MD who was two years older than Dad and was a great story teller.  I'll begin the introduction of 'The Stories' with
 and invite you to view and read the other stories which are just a click away on Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.

In creating and maintaining Tracks of My Texas Ancestors, my hope is that it will preserve our Family History, be a resource for others tracking our Texas ancestors, and inspire future generations to become Family Historians.  It is a rewarding and amazing journey made possible through Twenty-First Century Technology. 

From Colonial America to Georgia to Texas! 
We HAVE come a long way, Baby!
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  1. Excellent comparison of the Mesquite tree to your intertwining family.

  2. Great project. I bet your family is proud that you're keeping their stories.


  3. Sue, you are one amazing lady. I so enjoy these posts, and you are creating something forever wonderful.♥

  4. you've undertaken a great task here:) good luck and I hope you learn more of your family's history:)
    Happy A-Zing!

  5. Double cousins, we've got them too. There are three instances of at least two sisters and sometimes up to four marrying brothers. One of my double cousins always says to me "If I need a kidney, I know how to call". Another good post.


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