Smartly Dressed In Garnets...January Birthstone Collection

As a January Gal, I have always loved my garnet birthstone, and not just because it's my birthstone. Red has been my favorite color ever since my Dad said "Sue, you look so pretty in red." I was ten. 

In the last few years, as a genealogy researcher, I have come to understand and be amazed at the significance of ones birth month and date and how it relates and influences ones life.  Keep in mind, I have 'Garnet Gypsy' blood running through my veins, and a Crystal Ball setting on top of my Linda Goodman Sun Signs book.

As soon as I read the 'Healing' properties of Garnets, I donned just about every piece of garnet jewelry I own.  Garnets are known as a 'stone of health' and 'Crystal Healing' specialists say it can assist in healing acid reflux (GERD), assimilate vitamins and minerals, promote rapid general healing, regeneration and a host of other health related issues.  Yay for Crystals and a Crystal Ball.

Garnets have been used as gemstones and in jewelry for millennia.  When worn as jewelry, garnets give the wearer a sense of self esteem.  Many opaque garnets are used extensively in industry as abrasives, flitration, cutting steel and in place of silica sand for sandblasting.
The Garnet is known as a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and compassion.  It enhances ones sense of security and spiritual awareness. The world's largest supply of garnets is the continent of Africa.  The largest single garnet ever found measured nearly one hundred feet across and was found in Central Australia.  Other sources for garnet include India, Soviet Union, Brazil and the US.
Born In January
Ambitious and powerful.  Born Leader.  Stubborn nature.
You will always stand out in the crowd.
You love to live the Good life.
Romantic at heart.  Deep thinker.  Loyal to friends.
Ever ready to learn and try out new things.
Serious about life.  Like to make others happy.
Not too introvert...Not too extrovert.
Smart and well dressed.
PS...hmmmm ...I'm not too sure about a few of these attributes as a January Gal, but for sure I am Smartly dressed in Garnets!


Joanne said...

they are such a pretty rich color........you look marvelous! I'm enjoying your birthday month already

Pom Pom said...

I had forgotten that you are a January girl! PRETTY garnets!
January is a very good month. It's not so full. Whew!
I need to do some cozy things like plump pillows and add rugs.

Sue McPeak said...

Thank-you Dahling!!! Just wait til we get to the cake!!!

Sue McPeak said...

It's true...most of the time January is thought to be a slower month both because of the weather and people are worn out from all the shopping, activity and events of December. I should join the slow downers. I may try that before the end of the month.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love garnets too..always have even though I was born in October. I don't wear them often but I should. I really, really should!

Wendy said...

My mother and sister are January babies too, but neither one cared much for the stone. They always wished they had been assigned the ruby instead. Oh well. I like the garnet -- so much more dramatic than bright red.

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, you really, really should. They go perfectly with your pretty name, Mona.

Sue McPeak said...

Garnets actually have a wide range of colors including Ruby Red. The most rare garnet is 'white' which is more expensive than diamonds.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - I too .. next week - I need to re-read this ... I haven't got much garnet .. but seeing the Anglo-Saxon and Roman jewellery .. it was one of those stones valued early in our history. Strength of character - yes! Cheers for now and wonderful photos with data ... Hilary

Sue McPeak said...

So, you are January Gal, too...neat


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