Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Fiber

What is your favorite color?  As a person whose careers have been 'Art' related, I am asked that question often.  "All of them", has been my pat answer.  Yes, I know that is the easy way out of a question that if analyzed and truthfully answered, would turn into an 'Art Teachers' lesson on the 'Color Wheel' or a 'Crystal Ball' reading.  Which do you prefer?

I'll start with my 'Color Wheel' preference which skips right past the three primary colors to the secondary and tertiary colors. 

When you study color and spend a great deal of time...like years...mixing paint, laying out fabric, selecting yarn and making intuitive decisions on how fire will effect the outcome of glazes on clay, your favorite color truly does become 'All of Them'.  I will narrow it down a bit and admit to being partial to the tertiary colors from Violet to Green.

 On my fireplace mantel are examples of  how and why 'All of Them' is my pat answer.  First there is 'Mixing Paint' where 'Color Wheel' transferred knowledge is mirrored in the swirling elements of my 'Crystal Ball'.  Instinctual choice of color says a lot about yourself.  It is a means to understanding your behavior, character traits as well as physical, mental and spiritual states.  At different times in your life your color choices reflects how you deal with challenges and how you express your deepest needs.

Next is 'Fiber'.  A lifelong fixation from childhood scrap sewing to today's sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving and the pleasure of creating something useful as well a beautiful. There is just so much one can learn as to the skill sets involved in the afore mentioned fiber endeavors.  I have often said, "anyone can learn technical skills by following directions, can master color with the use of a color wheel and have success in mixing pattern and textures by selecting a 'Focus Fabric' then repeating the colors through the size and scale of coordinating fabrics...it's a Quilters Rule of Thumb that has multiple media/medium applications.  As for that innate ability to put together things that work...I go with my gut....hello 'Crystal Ball'.

Then there is Earth, Water, Wind and Fire'.
Elements of epic and timeless proportions...for another time!
A Color Blessing
Surround yourself with colors you love.
They will empower you to be true to yourself.

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Fiber
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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - I too love all colours, though I have to say green, grey-green, browns were never my favourite - probably because I look better in the other colours ... though green leaves of spring are just stunning ...

I love them - and your green glass looks beautiful .. and beign an earth sign .. I should be more in tune with earth colours ... cheers Hilary

Sue McPeak said...

It is not unusual for Green to be a least favorite color...even for 'Earth Sign' people. One reason is that when mixed with Red...a favorite of many...it makes brown. Green's best color mixes are with the colors that it is made from...Blue and Yellow. Your appreciation of earthy colors makes you in tune with your Earth Sign. I see that in your travel posts.

Joanne said...

so much depends on mood. Nothing beats azure ocean water - to me that's the purest color. But I do love the purples in flowers. On me- green and blue. Though actually I wear a lot of black. Reds and oranges don't help this English/Irish complexion. Part of why I like your blog is the color sense - so much just pops!

Sue McPeak said...

You are so right, Joanne, color and mood...dependent on each other. Love the azure color of ocean water...Cancun water was spell binding especially when snorkeling...did that ONCE and it was worth overcoming breathing underwater...even for this water signed Aquarian. Thanks for the 'Color Sense' compliment...it comes as second nature for me...Crystal Ball and All.

Pondside said...

I have lived in too many rented houses that were painted green, to ever be able to live in a green room and feel at home. I crave yellow and blue and rose and (even!) touches of green in fabric in a room.

bookworm said...

There is nothing like a beautifully combined ombre yarn. I think I fell in love with crocheting because of the opportunities to combine color. The color sense comes more naturally to my husband than to me. (I am going to link to this blog post on Sunday for my Weekly Blog Roundup). Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Sue McPeak said...

Touches of Green...perfect for any and all 'Color Personalities'...gives everyone a connection to the good Earth.

Sue McPeak said...

As one Yarnie to another...I understand perfectly your love of crochet and color passion. I'll look forward to being on your Weekly Blog Roundup...thanks!


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