January Moon Phases...Ancestor Connected

The first full moon of this New Year will light up the night sky on Sunday, January 24th.   This first New Moon of the month and year may be significant for newborns...if you believe in Moon Phase Astrology.  If not, then perhaps this will be just a fun read that will have you checking out your January Calendar.

It is said that a person born under the influence of the new moon is sensitive, optimistic, naïve, shy but cheerful, helpful, speaks little but listens a lot.  They are a faithful friend, idealize love and are a bit materialistic.  They like music and art.  Tend to ignore danger but are lucky which serves to protect them.

I was not born under a Full Moon.  Were you?  Find out HERE.

According to the Perpetual Moon Calendar based on the year...1947, the place...Iowa, I was born under a waning Fourth Quarter Crescent Moon.  What does this Moon Phase say about me? 

 "A person born under the fourth quarter is thoughtful, organized, has a ready smile, reasonable, emotional, idealist, disciplined, generous, creative, stubborn, authoritarian and proud.  Has manual dexterity and is perceptive.  They have a sense of humor, a sense of responsibility and fairness, and are loyal in friendships."

After you determine your Moon Phases from the Perpetual Moon Calendar, you can find out about your Moon Phase Personality... HERE.

Ancestor Connection Born Under A January Crescent Moon
My first thought when discovering my Great Great Aunt Selina was, "What a beautiful and unusual name...I wonder who she was named after."  I knew Selina was not a familiar name in our paternal line, and after digging through the maternal names, not one Selina was found.

According to the history of female names, Selina is a common given name of Greek origin meaning MOON with a number of spellings including Selene, Celina and Selena.

Selina Ann, daughter of my January born 3xGreat Grandmother Frances and sister of my January born 2xGreat Grandfather Rene Marion, was born on FRIDAY, January 13, 1815, in the First Quarter Crescent Moon.  Makes me wonder if Frances was a Moon Phase Astrologer, and on the night Selina was born named her after the Crescent Moon.
Again the question arises
Accidental, Coincidental or Astrological?

Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors...Selina's Story.
Selina Rides Upon The Wings of Time 


  1. Interesting. I was born with just a pinch of the moon. Guess I don't need to howl

    1. No, you don't need to howl...your whisper speaks poetic volumes!

  2. Hi Sue - I was born under the new moon on a Tuesday .. a typical Capricorn in many ways ... but all this research is intriguing .. cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, I'd say you are a typical Capricorn, and I can see the influence of a New Moon....cheerful and optimistic. Shine On!!!

  3. You should write and illustrate a book about some of your ancestors. Patricia Polacco style!

  4. That was fun! I was born under a new moon on a Sunday in May. I have never really appreciated my Taurus sign, but at this stage in life find lots there that I recognise!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Not sure about my moon. Could be crescent moon



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