'New View' on Collections and 'I Think I Can'

On this beginning of a New Year on CollectInTexas Gal, I am inclined...not totally locked in...to the idea of documenting my 'Collections' that relate to each month.   This 'NewView' of looking at my varied collections of everything from Art to Zippers will be beneficial as...

...an opportunity to SKS...Sort-Keep-Share.  Yes, I am continuing last years efforts to downsize by 'UseIt Or LoseIt' and 'LetItGo'.  I have a couple of  'NewView' ideas for 'LettingItGo' that I think will be fun here on CollectInTexas Gal.  I'll introduce those as I get them formulated.

Next is the 'MTP'...Monthly Twining Projects.  Since beginning this new FiberPsychosis art form last Fall, I have invested in a Loom and Easel, Thrifted Fabrics suited to rug making as well as incorporating Stash Fabrics. 

Rug making has given me the chance to continue my 'UseIt or LoseIt' mantra.  It also allows me to continue the process, creativity and design elements that years of Quilting gave me. Funny thing is...my Rugs look like my Quilts...hmmmm...imagine that.  Must be why I have yet been able to throw them on the floor.
 I averaged 'Four-Per-Month' last year.  A good goal to strive for in 2016. 
 I think I can!  I think I can!


  1. From Art to Zippers? That sounds like the A-to-Z Challenge already. You are the Queen of Ideas, so this should be a fun approach to your blog.

    1. You are right...it would be a good theme for AtoZ. Yep, it's time to polish up the ole tiara.

  2. plenty Looms ahead as the Go-To Gal for creativity and color. I know you can...enthrall with your wit and winding creations.

    1. "Looms Ahead"...I shall chant that as I wine...I mean whine...I mean twine.



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