Announcing...A Jewelry Affair In August

I'd like you to meet my 'VintageToVogue' Jewelry Model...Jewel Modella.
She is about as perfect a model as there is.  She has a lovely wrinkle free neck and her posture is perfect.  I'm telling you those shoulders are straight as can be.  I never have to tell her to stand up straight.  She also never complains when I stick her with pins or ask her to turn this way or that way for better lighting during a jewelry photo shoot.  Just so you know, she's the one on the right...the one wearing white.  The other model in pink has a long history of not standing up straight...talked about that HERE...and my neck has wrinkles.
I have set August as the month to OverDo Listing Jewelry on ETSY, and in the process share some Repurposing Techniques, References/Books and Designers of the vintage jewelry from my Vintage Jewelry Collection.  I shared a 'Repurposing Technique' on the post below...1940's Bow Broach Repair and Repurpose... and introduced you to a 'Paint Pen' that works well on repairing gold plating on base metal. 
To kick off the month of August's Jewelry Affair I would like to share a book that has been not only inspirational but informative about working with vintage jewelry.

Shown here with one of my latest rejuvenated jewels, this book is full of beautiful and inspirational photos of vintage jewelry rejuvenated by designer Amy Hanna.  One of the most helpful things I learned from this book was to make use of  'every' part of the vintage piece in the process of restoring and remaking.

For example the double leaf section salvaged   from a larger beyond repair pin.  With careful cutting and shaping two stems became chain connectors behind the leaves, and the stem below the prong set royal blue rhinestone received a creative wire design connector.

The Tassled Pendant was a Brass Filigred Button of the perfect size to be repurposed with the two brass jeweled pins.  In her book, Amy has included detailed illustrations on working with wire and a section on making findings, clasps, closures and connectors out of found objects and jewelry parts.

When I need a 'Fresh Inspiration' for a new piece, I browse through the pages of this beautifully illustrated and User Friendly book.  It always inspires and gives me ideas on how to 'Rejuvenated and Repurpose' pieces from my collection...like this new piece...'Sophia's Sapphire'.  Sophia was my Great Grandmother's name...I think it fits this piece of rejuvenated jewels.
Sophia's Sapphire will be listed on ETSY if she doesn't sell August 2nd at
Rejuvenated JEWELS
New Designs from Vintage Treasures
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  1. I'd love to know Jewel Modella's secret for a wrinkle-free neck! That necklace is beautiful. Happy sales at the Chicken Farm!

  2. Hi Sue, Don't faint, I am finally beginning to have time to start visiting my friends I have missed so much. Thank you so much for visiting me Sue. I appreciate it very much. It is hard to get back in the groove of posting and visiting again. Summer here in the mountains has been crazy busy but it is finally quiet now.

    I am amazed at the beautiful jewelry you are making from vintage pieces. You are definitely a multi-talented person. I scrolled down and enjoyed your work...lovely.

    It is great to be back.

  3. Wow! Very jewel-y!
    You are a Jill of all trades, Sue.

  4. Darn, I'm missing the Chicken Farm Art center again, since we won't get to town until Monday evening.

  5. Beautiful necklace! You are one talented Texan girl! Hugs to you and glad to see you here.


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