Will August Never End

Three more days of August!   As reported in the post below, in the five years I have been a blogger, August has not been my best month of posting. 

This August may be the exception...this will make 13 posts.  Here to fore, 9 posts was tops in 2011.

There is a possibility this record breaking August could have as many as 15 posts.  We will see what happens in the next two days.  I won't hold my breath, and please, don't you either. 

This August has been a productive month for me in regards to my '4 R's Bucket List'...Repurpose-Recycle-Renew-Resale.  I have about Buttoned Up and Buttoned Out every possible creative outlet I can think of from Jewelry to Salt N Pepper Shakers.

When I started  this 'Collection Down Sizing' Bucket List, I told myself, "Sue, don't try and MAKE anymore STUFF or put anymore money into what you already have horded accumulated collected.   Those were the words used in the post...Eating My Words Well Seasoned.  

Over a hundred dollars spent, a dozen Blooming Salt and Pepper Shakers and three dozen and growing button jewelry pieces made later...the Resale part of the 4R's begins.   That will be on September 6th when I will pitch my tent at the Chicken Farm Art Center for the First Saturday Event and Sale.

You can see why I am so ready for August to end and September to begin.  So much so, I have already redecorated CollectInTexas Gal for Fall...

...and started my vigil for September's Full Moon.


peggy gatto said...

Have a great sale!!!!
Love visiting your blog!

Cranberry Morning said...

Our daughter and SIL moved to Texas. I think August is their least favorite month there. But they sure like Texas winters better than Wisconsin ones. :-)

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks Peggy....I'm getting ready for it and hoping it will be a good day. Thanks for visiting. Always so good to know you have been here. Thanks for stopping by.

Sue McPeak said...

I have known Northerner's who moved back to cooler climates just because of Texas' heat in August. I know I can take the heat here a lot better than I could take your cold.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Love your fall header! My girlfriends and I are headed out next weekend for the first fall festival...a broom corn festival!

Sue McPeak said...

I really like it too, Ann. It is from a quilt I did last Fall...2013. A broom corn festival...sounds like a great time for you and the girlfriends. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures on your blog.


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