Eating My Words Well Seasoned!

I just hate having to eat my words, but at least this time they are well seasoned.  When I started  this 'Collection Down Sizing' Bucket List, I told myself, "Sue, don't try and MAKE anymore STUFF or put anymore money into what you already have horded accumulated collected. 
I was doing pretty good until I started putting YoYo's and Buttons together.   What would it hurt to make up a few examples of what one could make? 

That's what I said to myself when I decided to expand my space next month at the Chicken Farm Art Center First Saturday Sale.  Afterall, I have buttons for sale, as well as other supplies that bargin hunting Crafters will want.  I 'Bartered Buttons' at the last sale.  

All it took was to MAKE one little ole Button Blossom just to see how they would make up, and before I knew it, I had a whole Button Blossom Bouquet blooming all over my Studio.  Then I had to figure out how to display them. 

Investment in Button Blossom Bouquet amounts to:
~Using Stash of YoYo's, Buttons, Threads and Wire
~Spending approximately 8 hours getting it all together and figuring out how to MAKE them.
~Another 2-3 hours cleaning up and re-organizing studio.
~Half a tank of gas driving to Thrift Stores in search of bargin Salt and Pepper Shakers.  Finding Zip-NataOne!
~$6 for a dozen shakers.  Found at Dollar Tree...50 cents a piece.
~$3.50 for 'All Temp Glue Sticks'...used my 40% off coupon at HH otherwise $5.99.
~$80 for a Pink Top PopUp Shade Canopy for September's First Saturday at The Chicken Farm.
There's probably more, but I'm out of time, money and ideas for
'How Not To Downsize One's Stash without Making Stuff and Spending More Money'
Good thing I like 'Eating My Words' well seasoned!


  1. hair bows, brooches, flowers, with a magnet on the back as lamp shade art...I could go on...
    substitute 'Sandra' for 'Sue' and I'd never know the difference -lol!

  2. Thank-you Sandra...such a relief to know I have kindred spirits out there with similar afflictions. By the way, my first name IS SANDRA...really!!!!

  3. mmmm. Tasty word treats. Oh well. You are having fun and creating some clever art.. You are too funny - I'd blame it on the heat

  4. As they say, gotta spend money to make money.

  5. I think hording/collecting I mean is in a quilters nature.


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