Ending August with # Fifteen and A New Mantra

Ending August 2014 with fifteen posts is a record here on CollectInTexas Gal.  It's been a week or so of reviewing the last five years of August's posting or lack of.  Not that it's such a big deal or even worth taking up anymore space here in blogland.

However, with the scrutiny of August and this Final August Post, I will take the opportunity to mention a few other 2014 Finale's.  Again, not major events in blogland, but significant and a point of reference for me...since CITexas Gal serves as a record of sorts.

I can hardly believe this happened, but it did and a chapter...no, a novel...in my life was closed with the closing of  Sue's Quilting Services and the sell of QuiltALottie, my longarm quilting machine.  I am amazed to say that after close to twenty years of being in the quilting business with it being such a major part of my everyday life, that 'All is Well'.  I continue to downsize my 'Fabric Stash', and that too, is a 'Good Thing'.

Less of an issue/stash/collection to downsize in 2014 was the 'Knitting-Crochet YarnARama'.   I began to be at my 'Knit's End' when the YarnARama reached the obsessive stage with more yarn, patterns, books, needles, knitting machines, and accessories than ten people could hope to use in a lifetime.

When fireplace weather rolls around, I snuggle in with knitting and crochet, so the spring and summer was a good time to sort and send the 'OverDoneSue' yarn collection.  Last winter I overdid the 'Shawl and Scarf' crocheting and spent the spring and summer in neck and shoulder rehab. 

That bit of info is definitely a reminder to myself that even more downsizing of this Collection is needed.  I tend to forget the negative side of over knitting/crocheting when the creative side is sitting by the fire.

On second thought...maybe this is enough downsizing...for now!
I mean, afterall, August is ending and Fall is in the air!
Before you know it...it will be Fireside Sitting time!
I will Not OverDo...I will Not OverDo...I will Not OverDo!


  1. Ouch! I hope you don't overdo, Sue! Your "office" looks wonderful! I think that way about books. Will I REALLY ever open them again? It's time to weed out the bookcases. Sending love your way, friend!

    1. I'm kind of liking the way my 'office studio' came together with the extra room made from the sale of QuiltALottie. Of course there is more, but it too is less than before...it's such a good thing. I did some weeding of books and patterns. It wasn't easy, but I knew I would not use them again, and hopefully, someone else will enjoy them as much as I did for a very long time. Thanks for the LOVE!

  2. At least your space is neat and tidy. I need to downsize this clutter!

    1. I took this picture right after a deep decluttering and over organizing session. You can only imagine what it looks like now!


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