Bohemian Inspired

"Bohemian Inspired"...I see this used as a title/description for much of the brass jewelry on Pinterest , and it intrigues me.  You see I am descended from 'Old World Bohemian' ancestors, and from the photos I have seen of my great great grandparents they were a far cry from today's Urban Dictionary's description of Bohemian.

"Somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle...not hippies...more like Gypsies." There Ya Go!   I sort of identified with hippies as a wannabe flower child of the sixties. 

I say sorta because my parents definitely did not because Cowboys and Iowa Farm Gals did not raise Flower Children...if they did they would be called Magnolia, Petunia or Pansy. 

Still 'I Dug It, Man' and felt somehow tuned in and turned on by the 'Artistic Side' of HippieDom.

"They can have an extremely wide range of 'different' tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc. and are usually very creative people."  GROOVY!!!  I Got This!!!  Well, parts of it anyway.  I have to opt out of the wide range of music preferences...I'm way stuck in the Sixties with Runaround Sue, Hey Hey Paula, anything by Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers.  I did stray from the Sixties some for George Straight...afterall what Texas Gal would not buy into his 'Ocean Front Property in Arizona'?  Now  Fashion and Art is where my 'Wide Range' was different...much to the dismay of the Cowboy and Farm Girl. 
So, much of what I attributed to being a 'Wannabe Flower Child' BackInThe Day is today thought of as being Bohemian Inspired.  I'm good with that especially since I now know that I come from Old World Bohemian stock....even if they weren't Gypsies.  Now I know why and where my Bohemian brass necklace's inspiration came from. 
I wonder if the Iowa Farm Girl knew about her Bohemian Great Grandmother. 
Probably not...otherwise she might have understood her oldest child's
wide range of differences in Fashion and Art.  


  1. Well, there's a lot to be said for being a 'throwback' - the necklace is lovely!

  2. play Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and keep creating. Very nice work!

  3. I love this style!

    Have a great week, Sue. ☺

  4. I have always loved hippie style and bohemian looks, too. Somehow I always end up in khakis and pressed tops and that's not bohemian at all! A girl can imagine, right? Pretty jewelry, Sue!


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