The Broochability of 'R'#4 or 'R'#5...Resale or Rubbish

No doubt Royal Blue has been one of the most popular colors in the fashion world for decades.  It's probably safe to say shades of blue have been popular for centuries.  In the Spring Fashion world this year 'Dazzling Blue' was declared the most popular, however, for the Year 2014,  Radiant Orchid rules. 

My favorite colors in the Blue Hues areTeal, Turquoise and Aqua.  With that in mind, you can understand how I would be drawn to adding this 'Floral Brooch' to my collection.  Even though it never made it into the 'WearIt' jewelry box, I have admired it often, and until recently had not paid attention to it's 'Marking' or it's excellent condition.  Now that I am on a quest to 'Repurpose-Recycle-Renew-Resale' my vintage jewelry collection, this brooch is getting a closer look and consideration for one of the 4'R's.

Since it is in excellent condition, is a marked piece and a popular color, it is going to R#4...Resale.  With 'Marked' pieces, I like to give as much information as I can about the Marks Designer...plus I really enjoy finding out the history of the piece.   If you are into that sort of thing, too, I think you will enjoy knowing about this 'Floral Brooch'.

GERMANY is stamped on an oval tag and welded to the Pin Bar.  From research, I learned that costume jewelry made in Germany before and through 1948 bears this mark.  After WWII when in 1949, West and East Germany was established, the costume jewelry industry marks reflected the regions of Germany in which they were made.

Popular materials of this period were Sterling silver, silver-tone, gold-tone, rhodium, brass and other base metals along with imitation stones, multicolored crystals and rhinestones.  This piece is a combination of gold-tone base metal and brass with rhinestones and a prong mounted faux pearl. A search for a similar pin is needed before this brooch will be listed on ETSY.  'R'#4...RESALE is the hardest of the 4R's for me.  I want it to go to a good home. 
Thank goodness it's not a puppy!
Is It Rubbish?  Let's let the 'Rubbish Experts' decide!
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  1. No, definitely NOT rubbish! I'm impressed with the research you did on this piece.

  2. Certainly not rubbish :-) and a beautiful piece. It would be hard to let it go to resale, that's for sure. Very interesting post! I'm so glad you stopped in at Cranberry Morning. I now have you on my Feedly list but I'm not on Google+ so can't join circles. I've enjoyed looking around your blog!

  3. Hi Sue .. someone will love it - and it will find a home ...

    You certainly love your collectables for resaleables!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. how wonderful you were able to find info on it!

  5. not rubbish and you put a lot of work into your research, refurb, etc. Your photography of pieces is excellent, and the blue is alluring. Good luck

  6. On Antiques Road Show I enjoy Rime Stone Rosy, are you her sister? Tom The Backroads Traveller

  7. Hey Tom...I too enjoy Rhinestone Rosie. She and I have a lot in common, but not DNA as far as I know. I would claim her as a 'Bling Buddy' though!

  8. If that is rubbish, send it my way. Great pieces.

  9. Greatest lookin' rubbish I've ever seen....:)

  10. Certainly NOT rubbish, but sure fits in with Rubbish Tuesday. It is beautiful. Enjoyed reading your research. Thank you for joining in!

  11. Anonymous8/05/2014

    What a beautiful piece! I love the turquoise color. :) Definitely not rubbish.


  12. Rubbish? NOT! Teal and royal blue are stunning together. Lovely pin -- should fetch a good price in your #4 category.


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