AtoZ Letter Z...Zipping It Up With Zippers

Pretty predictable, huh?  Probably the only surprise in ending with Zippers is the fact that I actually do have a collection of them!  Really!!!  I know...who does that...on purpose...when putting in a zipper is the one thing most seamstresses avoid like the plague.  I mean, most of us would rather get out the button hole attachment and make button holes rather than put in a zipper.  Not having to do either one was a big attraction to becoming a quilter.  But back to the Zipper Collection!!!
They weren't always called Zippers.  Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine, received a patent for what he called an 'Automatic, Continous Clothing Closure' in 1851.  When he didn't seriously try and market the CCClosure, he missed the recognition he might otherwise have received.  His CCClosure was more a device with an elaborate draw-string rather than a true slide fastener.
Forty-two years later Whitcomb Judson marketed a 'Clasp Locker' which was a complicated hook-and-eye shoe fastener.  He is sometimes given credit as the inventor of the zipper, but he never made a practical device.  Judson's company did however, hire an electrical engineer, G. Sundback, who designed the modern zipper about 1913.  He continued to improve on the slider zipper and created the manufacturing machine for the 'Separable Fastener'.
The term Zipper came from the B.F. Goodrich Company in 1923 when they used Sundback's fastener on a new type of rubber boots or galoshes.  For several years only two products utilized the zipper...boots and tobacco pouches.  In 1925 zippers made their clothing debut in leather jackets.  By 1930 children's clothing featured zippers which promoted self-reliance by making it possible for children to dress themselves.  By 1937 zippers as garment fasteners beat out the button in the 'Battle of the Fly' when zippers were used in men's trousers. 
Today the zipper is by far the most widespread fastener, and is found on clothing, luggage, leather goods, and various other objects....like....
My Zippered Ditty Bags/Pouches....definitely NOT for Tobacco!
That about Zips it Up for the
April AtoZ Challenge!


  1. Hi Sue - well done on finishing and zipping it up - is quite right for your A-Z this year ... cheers and enjoy the weekend - Hilary

  2. You've done a wonderful job with this challenge, Sue. I have enjoyed your posts very much. I came in late on your blog, so I need to go back and see all the goodies that you posted before I got here. I look forward to that. :)

    Did you know that they still use buttons on the US Navy's dress trousers/pants? Buttons on a fly for me would mean a puddle at my feet. haha

    Have a blessed day!

  3. I was actually pretty good at sewing in a zipper. I always loved the invisible zipper - it was like wearing a secret.
    Congratulations on surviving yet another year of A-Z April Challenge!

  4. you even have a collection of zips! Your resources know no end! Lovely seeing all your interesting things throughout the challenge and I'll be back to visit in May too xx

  5. April 29 is National Zipper day! I bought 3 zippers yesterday, for projects. Now to actually sew them (dread).

  6. So far the zippers I have sewn into clothes I rather enjoyed. I like using the invisible zippers though, don't know if that makes a difference or not.

    I still have a large basket full of invisible zippers ....( they're quite visible as long as they're not sewn into clothes:) ) I don't really have any use for them any longer since my daughters have grown out of the stage of wearing dresses.

  7. Zipper is just a fun word. That and Zamboni. So congrats on another great month. Well done my friend. Have a great weekend and see you in May

  8. I spy some retro zippers in your collection. I pick them up thrifting when they are 25 or 50 cents. Good to have a zipper when you need one for a project.
    You know I am one of your regular followers - I enjoyed all of your posts!

  9. Great post about your letter Z! I think zippers are necessary, but I hate putting them in! So I don't do it anymore!
    I must go back and catch up with your other letters!
    Happy Day, Sue

  10. When I took the sewing class in home ec - the class that I did so poorly at - sewing in zippers actually fascinated me. I can see collecting them. Congrats at finishing A to Z and I sincerely hope what is happening in your working life ends up with you being in a good place- hope we can both make it to A to Z next year. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  11. Great post. When it comes to zippers and button holes I can toss a coin because one is as trying as the other. At the end of the day it's whichever the item calls for.


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