AtoZ Letter Y...Yolanda's YoYo's and Ya'll

I never ever wanted to make a YoYo quilt.  The main reason was cutting out all those circles and then hand stitching them to form the YoYo. 

Too slow and too many to make a quilt of any size.  Not for me.  However, I was not adverse to collecting YoYo's made by someone else.

The someone else turned out to be a Super YoYo maker who made them to keep her hands busy while she talked about her life as a quilter back in the day.

 I kept her supplied with fabric and thread and she kept me supplied with wonderful stories and lots of YoYo's.  Many were bundled in neat little packages and sold in my Quilt Shop.  My 90 year old YoYo Maker was so proud to be able to still earn her way doing what she loved....sewing/quilting. 

I am pleased with my first YoYo quilt with YoYo's made by Yolanda.   I think Yolanda would be proud of our partnership in this YoYo quilt....even if it is only 18 inches by 22 inches.

If this needlecraft of YoYo's is a new one for you, here is a brief history of them.

Across the pond in the UK, they call them 'Suffolk Puffs' which they believe originated in Suffolk County.  Althought little is known about that origin, examples of quilts using 'Puffs' can be traced back to 1601, and were popular during the Victorian Era.

YoYo's have been popular in the US since the 1930's when 'Make Do and Mend found the YoYo being made from worn out clothing, transformed into quilts and used as decorations for clothing and accessories.  Thanks to Yolanda's YoYo's , I can say I have made YoYo Quilts and Accessories, and I have pictures to prove it....

Thanks Yolanda for the YoYo's
Thanks Ya'll for your visits and comments! 
I am still playing catch-up!  Will be by your blog soon!
Until then...Ya'll have a 'Good One'!


  1. Yo-yos are colorful. I prefer the old toy Yo-Yo. Was never good at skills but plenty of fun. Happy Friday Sue. You've had a great April

  2. This is another fiber adventure that I have yet to embark on, but maybe some day. :) Your little quilt is cute. But, I especially like the yo-yos with the buttons. Very pretty!

    Have a blessed day. :)

  3. Pinned the second image from the bottom on my AtoZ board and linked back to you on my Y post.

  4. I think yo-yo making would be great for a long car trip.

  5. I love quilts, but I'll have to admit I'm not drawn to the yo-yo. I can take them in small doses.


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