Relief is Just A Remnant Apron Away

Once I made up my mind to Drop-Out of the self imposed Fabric De-Stash Rehab program, my interest in SEWING again has me flipping through my pattern collection. 

It has been awhile since I have made much of anything but quilts, blankets and bags, so browsing through patterns was kind of fun.

It was not intentional to start back to sewing with the letter 'A',  but Aprons caught my eye, and I remembered a collection of embroidery pieces that would be perfect accents on aprons.  So I picked a pattern and got started.  

What a relief to feel NO Fabric-Remorse.  I'm cured.  It seems rehab worked in reverse for I feel okay with being Queen of Not Quite As Much as before, and am pretty proud of myself for Re-Stashing my Fabric Stash with an eye out for Clearance Short Yardage Bolts.  Yes, I am now Queen of a Remnant Stash.

Here is how it works...You work in a Fabric Store.  That's it!.

Oh, and you stock and re-stock your favorite fabrics...cottons.  Plus you get first crack at those bolts going on clearance.  In addition, you keep an eye on the ones you like until they are down to remnant yardage...that would be 1.447 yardage...just under 1 and a half yards.

The other good thing about collecting remnants is they take up less space.  Mine are filed in smallish plastic baskets which stack.  One more thing.  You don't have to wonder if there is enough for a particular project...they are all under a yard and a half.

That's my story and I am sticking to it....for now!
Oh what a relief it is to be a Remnant Apron Maker!


Cranberry Morning said...

I would never survive a job like that. lol As it is, it is hard to get rid of fabric, although I finally did it a few years ago. Now I have just 'some' fabric in my stash. What is it with fabric anyway??? Nice idea on the apron.

Joanne said...

lovely aprons - very springy. And you are very clever!

Unknown said...

Whatever happen to wearing aprons my friend? my grandmother had a draw of them and then somehow they went out of fashion and heaven knows what happen to all of hers. when i cook or worse bake i end up having big flour hand-marks on my butt for lack of a good apron for hand wiping.
Ahh I long for the good ole days and a good ole or new apron.

Sue McPeak said...

What is it with fabric anyway, you asked! I think it is in the strands of our DNA. I tell you, it is not easy being a fabricaholic and work in a fabric store...LOL!!!

Sue McPeak said...

I am ready for spring, and these embroidered monthly flowers have waited a long time to be used. I hope I can work them in on an apron or two.

Sue McPeak said...

Hi Jen...Aprons have been back in style for awhile now. The thing is ... not necessarily just for kitchen wear. I have made ones that cover front and back for those whose floured hand prints end up on their uhhmmm...backside. We need to get you one.


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