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McCalls apron pattern with mod print fabrics and embroidery
It is well known here on CollectInTexas Gal, that I have a thing for Aprons.  I can go so far as to say that just about everyone I know...friends and family...know about my Apron Obsession.

I know, here we go again with the 'OverDoSueness'.  It is true, I once had a huge collection of Vintage Aprons, but it has scaled down with last years '4R's Bucket List'...especially the Re-Sale part.  There are still a significant number in that collection which will be a focus for 2015's '4R's Re-Sale'.

With that out of the way, I can move on...to 'Back To The Future Apronista' movement.  Notice I am working on enjoying the sewing moments now that I have re-embraced my 'Fabric Stash'.  So much so that I am dragging out re-introducing the APRON posts from CITexas Gal's Archives and sharing my Pinterest Apron Board.
Link Within for blog SEO...Apron Pins on Pinterest
One of the advantages of subscribing to Link Within is it's SEO (search engine optimization) ability to zoom in on key words within posts text and photos and retrieve past posts with the same key words and photos.  This leads to the strip of photos, titles and link to previous posts entitled 'You might also like'.  It is so easy to add this widget to your blog.  If you would like to check it out...HERE is the link to Link Within website.

In addition, Link Within, gives you...the blog writer...a reminder of those previous posts that may need to be included in your Post Labels.  A quick check on the 'post footer' will let you know right away if you Labeled that post.  If you are like me, sometimes forgetful and quick to hit publish before checking the Labels Setting, the edit pencil gives you the opportunity to do so. 

Okay...moving on to my Pinterst Apron Board.  Yet another labeling tool of sorts for Future Reference...ideas for, in this instance...APRONS.  And, Boy Howdy, are there lots of creative folks on Pinterest in every category from Aprons to Zippers.  CollectInTexas Gal's APRON Board also provides a place to post my own Apron Collection and posts about them....like this post...which I will post to Pinterest via the Pinterest Icon in the 'Footer'...
Also, on the footer is the 'google+' icon which gives your post even more exposure within your 'Google Circle of Friends'.  If you are a Google user and not in my Friends Circle, I invite you to join my Circle...it's easy...it's on my Sidebar...Google+ Followers.  And of course, if you want you can post your post to Facebook with the icon.  I do have a CollectInTexas Gal Facebook Page I occasionally post to....the link is also on the sidebar.

Gotta Go Sew on the Tea Towel Aprons!
Here is


LV said...

You have a nice apron collection. Do not know many that collects them. Very unique and interesting. I have a few vintage ones that belonged to my ancestors. I never have wore one, but my mother and grandmother would not cook without one.

Sue McPeak said...

My grandmother would not cook without one either. Every photo I have of her, she is wearing an apron. I have several of her aprons in my collection. In fact I started collecting and making them after she gave me one of hers. Good to hear you have some family aprons, too.

Unknown said...

Love, love, love.
I actually left a comment on the other post but I'm not sure where it went! So I'm going to tell you again how these aprons remind me of my nana who had a draw of them. She would walk into the kitchen an put one on, always. They were always colorful and with pockets..for tissues! I know i need one or two myself, I get to cooking and baking and end up with flour handprints on clothes for lack of a good apron.

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks Jen...your Love, Love, Love of apron comment was a few post down from this one. Thanks for both. I love love love your sharing your apron thoughts of your Nana. My grandmother Minnie always wore an apron, too. Funny, how so many of us have that special Apron Bond with our grandmothers.

Jeanne said...

Good Sunday morning Sue, I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I am plugging along posting a bit here and there. I just do not want to stop Blogging. I have spurts of finding time but it is not like it used to be.

I am an apron collector but not to a great degree. I should do a post about them. My sisters give them to me from time to time. I am not searching them out. I love the old laundry bags that are embroidered etc. as well as the old clothespin bags. My laundry room is plastered with them ha. I will definitely look up the many places your aprons are displayed. Your collage is very cute. I especially love the embroidered one and the sewing one. I need to start sewing again. It once was a huge part of my life.

This morning our snow is nearly gone. Yesterday it sleeted and rained all day. It is 40 degrees right now. what a break from "0" weather.

Keep warm and have a great week.

Pom Pom said...

Apron heaven here! I do like them, too! You're so funny with your overdo Sue-ness, but I thoroughly enjoy ALL of your passions!

Sue McPeak said...

It is so Jeanne...blogging is not like it use to be, and I for one am so glad to see and read your delightful posts. I would love to read about your apron collection. I have seen a few of them in your 'Sister's Cookie Bake Off' photos. I understand about 'Sewing'...it is a big part of my life, too. We are lucky to have had Moms that taught us to sew. You stay warm, too!

Sue McPeak said...

Awwww...that is sweet...Apron heaven. I know you like them, too. We are mutual admiration apron wearers.

Wendy said...

I love your aprons. I'm always drawn to aprons at thrift and antique shops. However, I'm not good about wearing one.


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