Saving Sweet Sentiments

I pondered most of the day yesterday about what to post today. It's Valentines Day, and I wanted something old, something new, something pink, and something I would want to save for years to come.   After searching through my collection of cards and files of photos, I was still undecided until I found a Valentine Card from several years ago.  I can't say how many, because, once again, I didn't date it and it wasn't signed by name.  However, there is no doubt who it was from...here's the message:
How lucky I am to have parents like you...
Looking back on life, I know that from the very start
I had the greatest privilege there could be...
two wonderful parents who loved me.
There's no greater gift you could have given me.
I'm so thankful you're my parents.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Guess Who!!
Decision made! 
A perfect post for Valentine's Day,
but posting would have to wait until later...after work. 
This is what was waiting for me after work. 
On Valentine's Day
I'm not sure when I realized what a priceless gift your love is...
But I know that I treasure it ~ and you ~
more with every passing year.
Happy Valentine's Day
I Love You,
Your Son
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  1. Hi Sue! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Hope you have a terrific day. You are well loved with this Spring like pink bouquwt. A sweet gift for a favorite mom! Always enjoy my visits with you. Have a sweet day! Hugs!

    1. Yes, it is such a thoughtful and sweet gift. I'm proud of my son. Thanks for stopping by on this sweetheart day!.

  2. What a great son! Many of them forget Mom, who should be their most important Valentine! I hope you'll have time to visit my first PS.

    1. Yes, he is great, and it's heartwarming to receive the flowers, but I have to say the card is one I will save forever. Just thinking about him at the card counter picking out the perfect card makes me so proud of his thoughtful nature. He does the same for his wife and daughters.

      I enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for stopping by on this Valentines Pink Saturday!

  3. How wonderful! What a thoughtful son you have. I hope your Valentine's Day sweetness is just beginning.

    1. It has been a very sweet Valentines Day. Thanks for your visit...that makes it all the sweeter.

  4. You are well and truly blessed! Happy V Day.

    1. So blessed and thankful to have a thoughtful son who follows in his fathers footsteps.

  5. perfect in pink. Excellent sentiment. You are a lucky mother

  6. Oh Sue, how sweet ! What a thoughtful fella you raised.


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