Fabric Stash Rehab Dropout

You have heard the old saying 'If you can't lick 'em...join 'em...right?  Well, it is time I throw in the scraps...so to speak...and 'Re-Join 'Em!

For several years now, I have been on a quest to downsize, donate, sell, send, cease and desist my 'Fabric Stash'.

 I thought I had 'Re-habbed' myself from the title of 'Queen of Quite-A-Lot!  But NO!  I have 'Re-lapsed'...my Fabric Stash...is Re-Stashing.  My only consolation in all of this is knowing I can claim to be 'Queen of Not Quite As Much', and my Sewing Machine Collection is Closed...for now.
Afterall, how many sewing machines can one sew on at once?  Don't answer that, and don't judge me!  I am a bit sensitive about being a 'Rehab Dropout', but I'm getting over it.  I've decided to toughin' up and be my 'Scarlet Sue' drama queen self...
And if this doesn't work...
Well, personally, my Dears,
I don't give a damn!


  1. Just enjoy the abundance, good Sue!

  2. LOL at Pom Pom's comment. so, how many machines do you have? Right now I have 4 plus a vintage childs. But I'm not collecting them, I just , uh HAVE them LOL

  3. Enjoy your stash and all those sewing machines. You "need" them all!!!!!

  4. 2 Featherweights! Cool! I still don't own one (yet). And if that is all of your stash, then, you've downsized quite a bit. I have TONS more than that. Don't stress about it, enjoy it.

  5. Oh my! I have LOTS of fabric too and did have six sewing machines. I'm now down to four. And I have nine cabinets (about the size of your picture) full of fabric, plus some in boxes and this is after I sold about half of it on Craigslist. My husband says I have too much JUNK, but it's all junk to him.

    My problem is I have too many interests and too many irons in the fire all the time. I've dabbled in lots of different crafts and have written four novels and am working on the next three. These days I sew and craft when I can.

    Here is my blog about life and my cats mostly.


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