Spring Sewing Stuff Makes Tea Towel Aprons

I daresay much of our nation is ready for spring and the end of the 'Polar Vortex' that is spinning out of control with record breaking snowfall.  Why we even got a smattering of  the powdery stuff a few days ago here in West Texas.  It was gone by noon.

I find myself repeating the same sentence after watching the national weather news...."I'm so glad I live in Texas."  I promise you, I would be the biggest 'Weather Whiner' in Boston or anywhere on the East Coast these last few months. 

In fact, I feel a little guilty getting out my Springy Sewing Stuff, but it is necessary for several reasons.  First of all, I have only two more weeks to get ready for my booth at the Chicken Farm Art Center.  That will be the first Saturday in March...on the 7th. Secondly, I am always ready for WARM weather...again feeling guilty because we have had some unusually warm days for February. 

I may be a little ahead of myself and having a day of wishful thinking.  Spring Sewing Stuff has a way of making that happen.  However, since I've started, I will keep on keeping on and count the days down until March 20th...First Day of Spring.  By then I should have my stash of Aunt Martha's Flour Sack Tea Towels transformed into Sue's Springtime Aprons.

Thank-you Aunt Martha for making these premium Tea Towels already sized and hemmed...perfect for the A-line style Apron.  Yep, it is two cuts, two casings, one pocket, one tie, a couple of trims and twenty minutes or so...and...TaDa...Tea Towel Apron.
For Medium and Small Apron I use the 28x28 Towels.  For Large Apron the 33x38 towel.

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