Horoscope Warning or Confirmation

Okay, so maybe it's not so much a warning as it is a prediction.  Or...could it be both.  Might even be a SIGN...one I should not laugh off.  On the other hand, it could be a confirmation for what it is already in the works for what is fast approaching in my future.  There ya go, Sue...ye olde Idealist, you 'Glass Half Full Gal' with your Masters Degree.

Still, when you are handed your Daily Horoscope on a 'Notable Day' like yesterday...see post below...by one who knows you well and has scoffed at the very idea of the Moon and Stars having anything to do with ones existence...well, it's another SIGN! 

I admit wholeheartedly to spending a lot of time in the past.  It's an occupational hazard for a writer of ones Family HISTORY.  However, I am a Sun Sign~Moon and Stars Gazer so I won't dismiss this water bearers warning confirmation.

But just in case, I thought I'd better check in with my Yahoo Horoscope for what the future holds starting with today....
~Feb 12...You may feel as if you're on stage all day long.  Try not to get to self-conscious as you can get through this one last show and score awesome reviews.  All good there except for 'this ONE LAST'...no problemO, there's always the next ONE.
~Feb 14...You've got to get organized!  Skipping the rest...obviously they haven't zeroed in on my 'OverDo Organized Sue' Moon.
~Feb 16...You have got to keep a lid on your feelings today and avoid distraction at all costs.  Your energy is best spent on finding new ways to keep focused.  OMG, I can see myself jumping from one project to the next to the next.  I hate days like that.  I may stay in bed.  Now that is a warning!
~Feb 17...Change is coming, and you are the vanguard!  You find yourself at the center of something big and exciting.  I had to look up vanguard and you know I'm all in for being at the forefront of new developments and ideas.  Bring it, Tuesday the 17th!
~Feb 18 (last day of Aquarius)...Your sense of excitement is mounting so much that you could find it harder than usual to just chill out and get on with your life.  That is a small price to pay for what's about to come your way! 
Holy Moon and Stars!!!  I was right again!!!  It is a Confirmation!!!


  1. That could be my horoscope, in regarding to thinking about the past! Can't help myself, just love digging into my families past.

  2. sounds like an excellent week ahead. Worth star gazing. Keep looking up


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