Crochet Baby Blanket Edgings On Fleece With Yarn + Quick Tute

Sweet baby blankets 35x30 with soft yarn edgings.
It's a TwoFer One Project.  Yep, from one yard of  a baby print fleece I can get two baby blanket tops which I back with one yard of a coordinating solid.  It is a win-win winter blanket deal when there is a Winter Fleece Fest Sale.

For this post, I am sharing one of the ways I like to finish fleece.  It's totally a NO SEW project that requires tools from a quilters studio.  I will list those at the end of this post.

But first, the finishing crocheted edges and the baby yarns.  They are so sweet.

So sweet and soft.  This varigated yarn adds just the right touch.
The Key to making this a NO SEW project is the Skip-Stitch Rotary Blade!
Here's a Quick Tute!
~Layer print fleece right side up on solid back right side down...layer will be one yard cut by width (most fleece 60").
~With Rotary Cutter and long Rotary Ruler on Rotary Mat...cut layered 36"x60" piece in half....set one layer aside.
~Trim selvages and square up all around...keeping layers together with sharp even edges.  Piece will measure approximately 35"x 30".
~If your MAT is large enough avoid picking up piece and disturbing the layers.  If using a smaller mat...pick up carefully and set edges together...a little extra fullness is okay when smoothed to the inside.
~Place your Ruler 1/2 inch from the edge.  Using the Skip-Stitch Blade Rotary Cutter...start off the mat and run cutter along the 1/2 inch margin .  You may have to move ruler forward to complete the cut off the opposite edge...DO NOT PICK UP the Rotary Cutter.  If you do be sure to place it back in the last hole to maintain even space of holes.
~Repeat on all four sides.   Before picking up off mat use safety pins to secure the layers together...an inch or so from the edge every four or five inches apart.  This holds the layers and holes together so crochet needle will poke through both layers evenly.

Makes a perfectly even hole for crochet edging on fleece.
Quilters Tools
Large Rotary Cutting Mat (Amazon example below)
Long Rotary Cutting Acrylic Ruler (Amazon example below)
Rotary Cutter with Straight Cutting Blade (Amazon example below)
Rotary Cutter with Skip-Stitch Blade (example photo above)
(blade can be switched with straight blade if you don't have two Rotary Cutters)
Crochet needle...I use size G-6 4.25MM
Baby Yarn or Sport Weight


  1. Sweet blankets! Thanks for the tutorial, I'm saving it for a rainy day or the next new baby!

  2. love the colors - they look so soft.

  3. These would feel good to any little one. I love your workmanship.

  4. Oh those ARE so sweet ! You are so multi-talented.
    Thanks for your visit and comment, always appreciate when you visit (())

  5. Nice way to finish off a blanket - something even I could handle.

    Popped by from Pink Saturday.

  6. Yay! I wondered how to do that! I had no idea a tool existed! Thank you, Sue!


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