Well, I'll Be...Gonia

I'd like to pass this Pretty Pink Begonia off as one of mine!
Truth is the only thing about it that IS mine is that it came from my
If you look close, you'll see the real tell tell clue that it didn't grow in any of my clay pots this year!!!
That's Right!!! It's drenched in rain drops!!!
And I'll Be...dern if  my clay pots got a single drop of rain....much less a drenching!!
Why it was so dry that all we have left in West Texas is the Sandy Beach!!
Well, I'll Be... A Mermaid on the Sandy Beach!
She's My Sista...Pretty in Pink!
Well, I'll Be....it's CollectInTexas Gal and NeatONikon!!!
About the Begonia's...they were grown by my Mermaid Sista. 
Her Green Thumb must be attached to a Waterhose!
My Green Thumb turned brown about July and the Waterhose...
Well, I'll Be..Gonia...it went Dry!!!
Please stop by How Sweet The Sound and see what
Beverly's Green Pink Thumb
has grown!!!
And As Always...Thanks Beverly for Making Saturday Pink!!!!


  1. Aww what a cute post flowers and you and your sister!! Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

  2. Hi
    I love your post. Begonias are one of my favorite plants. They grow beautiful on the coast of California.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  3. Clever you! That desert is one big beach!

  4. I don't have much of a green thumb and I never could get Begonias to grow very well. Love the pics. Your sister looks just like you and you both are very pretty!~Ames

  5. I look forward to seeing what you will share. Nothing can compare to what we Texans can do. You and your sister are both very pretty ladies.

  6. Pretty pink begonia's! Do all mermaid's have a great green thumb? lol.

  7. You are one silly girl! I love the stories you tell cause you can make smile wider the width of the state of Texas! LOL!
    Your photos are perfectly pictured here and you have a delightful sis! Hugs Anne

  8. Love the way you tell a tale! The begonias are beautiful. Even though we have the perfect climate, my brown thumb can't keep them growing.
    New follower,

  9. Hi Sue, I enjoyed the Gonia story but I loved the photos of you and your sister. (and the Nikon) HA! You are both very pretty. The pink pot is very cute and begonias look a bit parched.

    My sisters were selling and buying at the Roundtop sale and they said it was 90 degrees for the whole show. I am praying for rain for Texas. Smile!

    Happy Pink Saturday.
    XO, Jeanne

  10. Anonymous10/09/2011

    Sue, With all my heart, if I could, I would send you some of this rain we got in Virginia. We got tons if you read my wedding post. More is coming this week too.... a drenching I understand. I love your banner. Is that you on the horse? Happy Pink Saturday Sweet Sue xo

  11. Happy Pink Saturday, sweet Sue. You and your sister are quite the pretty pair.

    Your be Gonias made me giggle. We're getting some very much needed rain today. I'll wish some of it for you.

  12. You still have a great sense of humor - and a lovely sister - and you are pretty too. And that flower is gorgeous and the sand looks hot!



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