The Geezer Takes Me To The Neatest Places

The Geezer???? ComeOn Sue, really!!! 
 You expect me to wear this Tshirt out in public? 
 I don't think it really fits me. 
I think I'm somewhere between 'Geezer and StudMuffin'!
As you can see The Geezer aka HiHoney wore the Tshirt out in public...sorta!
HiHoney and I are Volunteer Grave Finders for Find A Grave Website.
He's the Finder and I'm the Photographer.
We travel within a hundred mile radius of San Angelo fulfilling Photo Request from families and genealogist
doing research for Family Trees and creating Memorials on The Find A Grave Website. 

 The Cemetery PhotoShoots are a NeatONikon Bonnanza!
 Shots like these just across the dirt road from the cemetery.

Of course we are always on the lookout for new places to eat! 

The Geezer made quite an impression with the waitress who laughed all the way through taking our order for the Deluxe Mexican Plate.  It was hard to tell if she was laughin' at my attempt at ordering in Spanish or the GeezerShirt.

Anyway, the Mexican food was great, the service was fantastic and funny, and we will definately be going back....

.....and not just for another meal at Hidalgo's but also to check out....

...this Stud Muffin !
I tell you what...
The Geezer Takes Me To The Neatest Places!


  1. He's a good sport, for sure! I'm sure there'll be a flurry of google activity as women read this post and go hunting online for the tshirt!
    What a good thing you two are doing. Years ago, in Denmark, we found my husband's great-grandparents' graves. When we went back a few years ago and wanted to show our daughter, the graves were gone, as that is the tradition over there. I was so glad we had taken pictures all those years ago.

  2. that is awesome...great photos...love the t-shirt....

  3. Love the shirt...too funny! I also love the pictures..so Texas and how interesting. Oh my husband will use an accent when ordering Mexican Food...too funny and he doesn't even know he is doing it.

  4. A man with a sense of humor is a keeper; bet you're a blessing in each other lives.

  5. Ha ha ha ha, Sue! That rooster is stunning!

  6. What in interesting hobby and the places it takes you. Hubby is a good sport.

  7. yep - my husband would definitely veto the t-shirt, but I love it (and the chickens!) anyways.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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