Motivational Monday ~ Interview...A Motivational Tool

In an Interview recently I was asked, "What got you interested in or started your family history/genealogy?

It was my first Genealogy Interview and, I thought the questions were going to be harder to answer.

I was prepared to fess up to questions about having ancestors that might have been Wild West Texas Outlaws.

So the question about how I got interested and started was an easy one to answer.  I even have a photo of the two people who inspired, motivated, and gave me my start as 'The Keeper of My Family's History'.

 Meet the 'Motivational First Keeper' aka as the 'Barefoot Genealogist'...my Aunt Vera Irene Pittman Sinks.  She's sitting beside the 'Cowboy Inspiration' for Tracks of My Texas Ancestors...my Dad...Willard Carroll Pittman.

Irene was the oldest of the six siblings and Willard the youngest.   There was ten years difference in their ages with two brothers and two sisters between them. They were Texas born and raised with an appreciation for their Texas Pioneer heritage.

Irene spent much of her lifetime in search of our Family History.  She loved to talk and write about our ancestors, and the information she found in her research.  Her hours of note taking in libraries and the inquiries from Genealogical Societies from Georgia to Texas have given me an abundance of information on which to build our Family Tree in the Technologically Advanced Genealogy Community of the Twenty-First Century.

About that Interview...

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PS...Boy Howdy, am I ever Motivated now...Thanks GeneaBlogger!!!


  1. Anonymous10/31/2011

    Great photos and great story-- I just discovered your wonderful blog via the Geneabloggers profile. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think that is wondeful Sue. My father never wanted to talk about his ancesters. He moved to Florida to get away from them, bringing his eldely father and mother with him. I still have No idea why and he past away in 2006.~Ames

  3. "Boy Howdy" - I am transported back to my hometown in Texas!

  4. Good morning Sue, I was just visiting your bio and found it to as interesting as ever. I so admire your posts on whatever subject you decide to present. However, your family tree is of great interest to me. I often wonder where your amazing family photos came from. Keep it going Sue, I love your blog. When I am so often away from my normal schedule and visiting becomes hard to accomplish, I often go back to catch up on your previous posts.

    Thank you for the best reads Sue.
    Love, Jeanne

  5. I read your interview. Great job, Sue.

    I think you know that my husband and I are definitely into genealogy. I actually started when I was eight years old. It was a blessing to begin at such an early age because so many of the people that gave me information are no longer with us.

  6. I also read your interview, Sue. It was so interesting! My husband and I have also been working on our family genealogy the past few years. It has been very fulfilling!

  7. Great interview! I enjoyed reading it but then you have a great blog!! You are the master storyteller :)


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