Saturday Night Sky Over The Davis Mountains

For Gini

I wonder why when you say goodbye
beautiful colours paint the sky.

Shades of orange, yellow and pink too
all come out because of you.

And although I hate to see you go,
I really do enjoy the show.

I've seen you leave so many times
and still it's a favourite sight of mine.

There'll be no sadness, be no sorrow
because my sun, you'll come out tomorrow.

I won't feel hurt, I'll feel no pain
because on your way down, your colours will reign.

 Adoni Marcano PoetryInNature


  1. Don't you just love it when God ends the day with His beautiful artistry!

    We are swathed in the most beautiful snow in MD.

    BOO-T-ful Halloween wishes ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Beautiful - poem and photos!

  3. Beautiful, Sue and I love the poem . . . describes your photos beautifully! The skies over our home last night were pretty too, took photos and plan to post them today . . . ours were pretty but not near as pretty as yours!

  4. Sue, thank you for this and for thinking of me . . . I feel like I am right there with ya! Such a beautiful sky and you shot it perfectly! These are "framers" remember, I said I want everything out to be seen! Well guess what!

    I very much enjoyed our visit too yesterday . . . we probably could have talked for quite bit longer. I look forward to Monday also . . . I know it will be great. Thank you again, I love this, Sue!


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