Church Record Sunday...Closer Southern Baptist Connection

After last Sundays Post on Sentimental Sunday-Southern Baptist Preacher Connection , I remembered a 'Closer Time-Line' Baptist Connection than Fifth Great Grandfather Daniel Marshall and his daughter Fourth Great Grandmother Lucy Eunice.  She's the one that snagged her a husband by being such a good Bible Verse Reciter.

Twenty-five years ago, the First Baptist Church of Grandfalls located in Ward County, Texas, celebrated it's 85th Anniversary.  I received my copy of the Abbreviated History with so so interest.  Twenty-five years ago I was not so much into Genealogy as I am today, and besides, I was still smarting from the denied BackRow Pew access for not taking after Lucy Eunice and her Bible Verse Recitation Memory.

Now, the publication is of greater interest as it documents and afirms my updated Southern Baptist Connection.  Not only that, but it provided the only photo I have found of my Grand Aunt Mattie Maude Pittman Faulkner (10-23-1880~4-15-1948)
First Baptist Church of Grandfalls Charter Members
Ava Eudaly
Milton Truman Eudaly
Pansy Eudaly
Perla Marie Eudaly
Sallie Ellen Eudaly
Mattie Pittman Faulkner
Violet May Eudaly Johnson
Allie R. Starrett
Rev. Frank A Starrett
Kate Eudaly Woods

The First Baptist Church of Grandfalls, Texas began in 1901, was a quarter-time or half-time church.  The members met every Sunday for Bible Study (Sunday School), but they only had a preaching service one or two Sundays each month.  They shared their pastor with other churches on a rotation basis.  The congregation would often meet on Sunday afternoons for their service, especially when there were candidates for baptism, and held special fifth-Sunday services once each quarter.  The Abbreviated History of the First Baptist Church of Grandfalls

Here I am on Easter Sunday 1963 ready to go to Sunday School and Services at
The First Baptist Church of Grandfalls, Texas
Baptisted Member July 24, 1955
Two of Mattie Pittman Faulkner's decendents are members today.
Myself by Letter and my First Cousin Polly.
It's a good thing...Close Baptist Connections!

Church Record Sunday


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