TwoHats and A MoHawk...The Family Gardeners!

The Family That Gardens Together.....Shares the Tomatoes but Not the HairCut!
 HiHoney has been
 Tillin' the Soil for The Family Garden...and now it's Plantin'Time!

The Mohawk is a GoGetter Gardner like his Papa and is always ready to Dig Holes and Shovel Dirt.
You might remember him as The WaterBoy and Flower Seeder from

He's changed some since he was a Little WaterBoy.  Who knew that in just SIX years he'd  GrowSoTall and get RedHeaded!

"Papa, do ya think the tomatoes will be as Red as my MoHawk?"
"I hope so KeyMoSabe"


SusanB-knits said...

mmmmm...tomatoes, yum. I hope you'll share.
At least the MoHawk gardener's hair didn't grow in pink like his nana's, the "Pink Princess of QuiteALot! lol.

Anonymous said...

This has me giggling. I love the mohawk. It suits the tomato garden very well.


Pom Pom said...

Cute! So red!
You guys are tough. Isn't it hot outside?

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Love the mohawk! The color is a good choice too! Have a lovely week!


JEANNE said...

Good morning Sue, Love your gardening post today and the 'last rose' one too. I am doubling up today. Where does the time go!!! For one, the photo shop lessons are sooooo long. Anyway, this is an NC howdy. The mohawk is a hoot. We must let our youngins' express themselves. This way they won't think we don't care how they feel! BIG smile!

The rose is gorgeous and your photos as always, priceless.

Have fun gardening. I know it is HARD work even for Texans!!! smile.
Love ya, Jeanne

Dar said...

Gardening with the kids and GrandLoves is a special time. They love to learn and 'eat it up' come harvest time. Some of mine refused veggies at the table until they got to grow them themselves. It's wonderful...even that fire-red mohawk is wonderful. Let's hope he doesn't think so anymore when school starts in the fall. LOL...have a Great Gardening Day
It's raining here,...we are grateful for it.

Dapoppins said...

This is the first year we planted tomatoes and we don't have even one bud yet to bloom. I am thinking I am going to run down to the store and get a plant that is already blooming. If we don't get tomatoes this year my kidlets will be so disappointed.


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