The Elmer Kelton Mural Project...SanAngelo, Texas

It's not often that we as the public have the opportunity to see a 'Public Art Work in Progress'. 
 It's very exciting to be able to photograph the artist at work and watch the Mural
 evolve over a relatively short period of time. 
 The collage above is the result of two visits to the Mural site. 
On the first outing, I shot pictures of the artist at work at the point where he was laying in the background for the shape of Texas.
At that time he had completed the bronco buster and the buffalo hunter and had the cattle drive partially sketched. 
The second photography shoot was several days ago. 
What a surprise to see the cattle drive and the state of Texas completed along with the windmill and Texas Ranger Badge.
...Click on PICS to Enlarge...
The Mural is approximately 42 feet x 24 feet according to the website Historical Murals of San Angelo where you can see the artists proposed finished painting.

Elmer Kelton was voted Best Western Writer of All Time and wrote over forty books.
My favorite, The Good Old Boys, was made into a movie starring Tommy Lee Jones.
More Information on Elmer Kelton:


  1. Awesome!! Would love to see it in person.

  2. Nice pictures! I'll have to go check it out. We do have some beautiful artwork here, don't we?

  3. Wonderful Old West mural, and nice that you have been able to follow its progress from the beginning. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous6/11/2010

    Wonderful mural and great post. Reminds me of Diago Rivera in the movie Freda and other movies. Our son lives in Austin Texas and we have a soft spot for Texas. Been there many times, San Antonio and other places.

  5. Hi Sweetie Pie!
    Wow! He paints a very nice buffalo!

  6. Anonymous6/11/2010

    Love the windmill amongst the cloud background... VEry nice!


  7. How fortunate you are to watch this evolve. It's really quite beautiful.

    Great choice for the shoot-out.

  8. What an exciting example of public art and how lucky you are to see it evolve. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us. A wonderful, wonderful post.

  10. A great work of art, love that mural!

  11. Huge awesome mural. Wish I could see it in person. Happy weekend!

    Public Art

  12. a very nice representation of Texas in the mural. I am in awe of artists, of any kind.

  13. I hope you will post this when it is complete as well!

  14. Absolutely. Wonderful to see something in progress.

  15. Oh, to have painting talent like that! I love murals, and this is a great one!

  16. Thanks for sharing this post! Amazing! Hubby goes out that way for work sometimes. Next time I may hitch a ride. Charlene

  17. You have a unique presentation and photos about public art.

  18. Love the windmill sitting on the scaffolding! It must be great to be able to watch an artwork in progress!


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