I've Gotta Secret...PSPSS...Shocking!

I'm Shocked.....

....at some of the Comments from Last Weeks Pink Saturday Post.

...Paris said..."I'm a DingyPinkie"!

...Pat~Artful Diva said..."You've managed to totally confuse me"!

...Wendy~HappyHomeMaker said..."I'm not even blonde...I need so much help"!

...MizMollye said..."Oh My Girl, you have waaaaay too much time on your hands."

Jeanne said..."I'm so glad you figured the mystery out. Beverly is in her 50's and I am lots older. Beverly doesn't show photos of her family or herself. I will tell you her hair is a beautiful gray."

Beverly said..."Jeanne is correct. I do have white hair. I got tired of color, and decided to go natural."

Beverly also said....Here comes the Shocker...Girl, you have me holding my sides....OMGosh, now I've probably given her another GallBladder Attack.
And this from Beverly..."Sue you are True Pink Queen".

Only HiHoney knows about the PSPSS...PinkSaturday~PostStress Syndrome.
Yep, I suffer from Pink Saturday Post Stress Syndrome. 
The Cure and How I GetErDone???
Posting in Pink and PinkProps!

A couple of other Comments got me to thinking...Again...about Beverly...especially now that I know she has 'Beautiful GrayWhite/Hair'...

...Claudia~MockingbirdHill Cottage said..."Our mysterious Beverly....maybe we need to start a petition to see what she looks like"!

...Reit~Reit's PhotoBlog said..."I also have been wondering what Beverly looked like"!

So, when the local Garden Club announced that a FamousMystery PinkRose Expert was giving a RoseBush Pruning Seminar on Saturday, I offered my FourBush Rose Garden for the demo. 

You see, Hi Honey has not gotten around to the BeHeadin' and Butcherin' and besides it's HiTime I learned the Art of Rose Pruning, and who better than the only Famous PinkRoseExpert I know of...our own GrayWhite Haired Pink Saturday Rose Expert!  I tell Ya'll, I was so excited...thinkin'...It's bound to be HER.

I'd like to Thank All Ya'll for the 'Complimentary Comments' on last Pink Saturday's Post!

As Always...Special Thanks to Beverly for Hosting Pink Saturday.
Be sure to CheckOut Todays
 List of Participants!
And All My ShoutOuts in this post!

And lastly, I'd like to Thank my
 Gray/White Haired BestBud
for her part in the PSPSS Cure!

Susan is a Master Knitter and SockQueen who's favorite color is Blue...but I'm workin' on changing that....to Pink!
You gotta go see her latest Knitting Color...which is getting closer to Pink...at
 Seduced By Yarn!

Some Pretty Pinks...When YaHave Time!

Happy Pink Saturday, Ya'll
PS...Beverly...I'm just repeatin' what was said...Jeanne's the one who told your age!


Simply Debbie said...


Mary said...

What a great post! Love your pink hair!! Now that's a much easier way to prune the roses :)
Happy Pink Saturday!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh Sue, you are the best! LOVE that pink hair!!!.. I'm hangin' my head saying this, but I had to track back to catch up on your last Saturday post.. LOVED that puzzle!.. And as for Paris? Well, did you by any chance recently see her co-hosting on The View? I'm just wondering! I'm not going to say a thing, except to question if perhaps she was just a TAD out of her element, YA THINK?!! Happy Pink Saturday to you, and hope you have a great weekend! ~tina

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Very funny Sue! And, I want pink hair too!

Happy PS,

CC said...

What great fun...I love the pink hair..:). Happy Pinks to you..

Beverly said...

Oh, girlie. Thank God I won't be having another gallbladder attack, but you do make me laugh until my sides hurt.

I will forever have your vision in my head. You've made pink the ultimate look.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear heart.

Julie said...

I love your pink hair! So fun! Happy Pink Saturday.

SusanB-knits said...

I loved helpin' with your Pink Saturday! We do have fun, your Pink Highness.
I have a sister named Beverly. Could she be "the Beverly?!?"

Anonymous said...

Love all the craziness AND especially the chain saw photo.. hmmm, think I have one of those in my deep, dark, mysterious photo files somewhere too. Must go dig it out.


Betty said...

Oh my gosh!! You are too too funny! What a great post!! You look a lot like Claudie of Bubblin Over in that first pic. I had to check and make sure I wasn't on her page!
Happy Pink Saturday!

psst....where did you get those pink flip flops...I love them!

JEANNE said...

Hi Sue, Beverly tells me you are the new official Pinkie queen. I notice you are wearing your official crown. Very pretty in pink hair. Your shirt in pink is perfect for pruning roses. I assume they are pink too.HA! Your post cracks me up. Thanks for the shout out and betrayal! Laughing. Beverly forgave me.

Love you and love your post Sue.

Anonymous said...

Cocking my head to the side, saying inquisitively positively sincerely "whuuuut?" :) And, I read your last pink post too. double "whuuuuut?" :) I'll think about it a while ... ha. :) Jenn

Regina said...

So cute and cool:).
Love this Sue.
Happy Pink Saturday.
And have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well, hello there Pink Texas Sue!! This is so cute! How wonderful to see you've let your hair go to it's natural color too - Pink! I love that look.
Yes, I agree, let's all bug our sweet Beverly until she shows us her pretty face! :)
You're a hoot and I just love hoots, especially hoots from Texas! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fun post! Loved it!

~ Gabriela ~

Annesphamily said...

I L O V E your pink hair! You are certainly the absolutely fun Pink! Those flip flops are awesome! You and Susan look so sweet together! I love those best buds!:)


I am going to check on your ancestors blog!

Hugs Anne

Annesphamily said...

Sue your family history is beautiful! I love stopping there. The pictures are such joyful memories to have in your family. Blessings to you sweet lady! Anne

Pam said...

Sue you sure know how to "brighten up" our Pink Saturdays. Your post always brings a smile to my face. Thanks for your bright and sunny post.

Happy Pink Saturday

claudie said...

Well I'll be Sue. You have taken over my crown. I declare you the pinky Princess.
You and Dana from the Stone Rabbit have it going on. Did you see her piggy post last week? Funny funny.
Happy PS and watch those rose thorns.
Love Claudie

LV said...

You amaze me each week on your Pink showing. You are one of the most creative and unique person I have found in blog world. Of course, I am sure that is all due to the fact you are a Texan.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Gosh, darn girl. I think we should name you the Queen of Pink Saturday and give you a crown and a magic wand. Maybe you could hold a contest and have everyone try to imagaine what Beverly looks like! I picture her with pink cheeks and salt and pepper hair with a cute round face and dimples.
She actually sounds, "Pink!"

You have me laughin, that's for sure. You are the cutest thing ever!


Maggie said...

OMGosh- you are the best!!! I LOVE the tiara and pink hair!!!!!

Happy PS!

Do These shoes match this purse?

Char said...

This post was a hoot this week. I love the pink hair, maybe we all should do that one week. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cracking me up you Pink Haired Pink Diva! Loving this post!!!

My name is Riet said...

YOu are so much fun Sue. Yes to me you are the pink Saturday princes, think Beverly is the queen? Right?

Anonymous said...

Hello and a very happy (belated) Pink Saturday to you!!

Your post is hilarious...very funny!

XX Love Es XX

Claudia said...

Love, love, LOVE this post! You are hysterically funny! The pink wig is the best....now we know Beverly has white hair. Ah ha! Someday, someday, the mystery of Beverly will be uncovered. And you are the gal to do it.


Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Sue,

OMG, I've got to have a pink wig but I want mine to be waist length and of course, I will be wearing a crown! Oh, this is such a great post..I love, love, love your humor...now I know to add you as a place to come be totally silly and know it will be returned! :0)

Have a wonderful PiNk week,
Stephanie ♥

The Artful Diva said...

I'm way behind reading this week's PS posts. I'm so glad I read yours - wonderful!


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