SunRise In West Texas

Good Mornin', Ya'll...

...I don't think I've shared this part of my day with you before!  Isn't it spectacular? 

I hope your day has just as Spectacular a beginning! 
Come join me on the porch for a cup of coffee!
I'll see Ya'll this evening with a Stunning SunSet.


Dar said...

Your sunrise was gorgeous. Come see mine this morning, in all of it's pinkness.
Mmmm, coffee is good and plenty this morning. It was great sharing a cup.
See you at sunset.

Anonymous said...

Love the spinning windmill !!


SusanB-knits said...

Got my tea. I'll sit with you awhile and enjoy that sunrise. It's beautiful!

Pom Pom said...

Very pretty! Don't you love silhouettes of trees with that pink sky as a back drop? I'll pop in at sunset.

dons_mind said...

i'm surprised your awake at sunrise..let alone able to make it from sunrise to sunset all in one settin.....i'm just sayin......

Sarah said...

Sue, TX is such an amazing state! I don't think there is another state with such diversity. Thanks for sharing this west TX sunrise in this wide open space. ~ Sarah

Danny said...

Good morning is beautiful and scene too.
thanks for sharing.
Keep sharing with us.


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