Don't Mess With Texas...Cactus!

It ain't always all Rosey and Swell around here. 
Have I given Ya'll that impression? 
If so, I guess I'd better set the record straight.
Yep, sometimes it gets real Prickly and Sticky!
Ya'll haven't seen HiHoney Beheadin' and Butcherin' this Cluster of Cactus
 because it's NOT in OUR Yard! 
 Besides that, ya Don't Mess With Texas Cactus! 
 Why not?  I'm glad you asked!

It was Dangerous, but I took the Risk...to take pictures out in the wilds of cactus country! HiHoney beat a path with his SnakeDetector Stick and Tromped Down the WildWeeds so I could get UpClose and Personal with the Texas Yellow Bloom Prickly Pear.
ShooFly!!!! What are you doin here?  Don't you know it's Sticky in there?  And SuperSticky all around this beautiful bloom.  Touch one of those swords stickin out there and you'll think you've been SnakeBit!  Barely brush against those TinyHairy Stickies and you'll be pickin' them out with the aid of a magnifying glass and tweezers.
 How do I know this?  Been There...Done That! 


  1. Anonymous6/13/2010

    The wrath of a cactus can be mighty!


  2. Being a fellow Texas Gal... I KNOW about these gems. OUCH can indeed be the word of the day if not careful. I found you over at Theresa's blog & have enjoyed the visit. I'll be back. Charlene

  3. I just went to read your other blog. The family one.... LOVE IT!!! A friend of mine had wanted to start a blog along that same line... family stories & photos. I sent her the link to encourage her. Just as she had started designing the blog her husband of 18 years decided he wanted a divorce. It threw her for such a loop that she put the blog on hold. I am hoping yours will inspire her & she will start her. And I loved the comment you made at the end of the story of Stella. Being named after Grandmothers.... Try Lizzie Zella. YIKE! Charlene

  4. Yikes! This post gives me the shivers. I'm glad HiHoney has a snake stick.

  5. OMG really beautiful! It really amazed me. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. beautiful shoots indeed!

  6. hmmmm, I always forget about the snake detector stick....
    cactus sure do throw some gorgeous blooms in spite of their thorns and goo
    Have a Great Week


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