On The Texas Menu...Tortilla Soup & Wildflowers!

Howdy Ya'll...Come On In!
Welcome to the 'Vintage Tablecloth'!
Here's the Menu...Today's Special is the Chicken Salad!
The Soup of the Day is Tortilla!
What can I getcha to Drink?

Welcome to Brady, Texas where the Vintage Tablecloth Cafe' serves up the best Tortilla Soup,  Chicken Salad Sandwich and Homemade Pie  you ever put in your mouth!

This unique Sandwich Shop features a different Vintage Table Cloth on every table, and of course this Girl Raised In Texas selected this Texas Themed Table.

Brady is known as the 'Heart of Texas Town' and located about an hour from my Hometown of SanAngelo.  Brady is a  Must Stoppin' Place  to see Antiques, Historic Buildings and the Wildflowers of Texas.

So after 'PIE" we got on with the next item on the Days Menu ... 'The BlueBonnet Tour'!
We were 'KneeHi' in Bluebonnets, Indian PaintBrush, FireWheel and other Texas Wildflowers.
The Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush last for about a month after blooming.
The Bluebonnet is the State Flower of Texas.

TGIF and time for 'Friday ShootOut'!
Lets go see what's on
The Menu
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Annesphamily said...

I love your posts! You always have so much fun over here! I want to visit you! Hugs Anne

Rebecca Nelson said...

We are visiting Texas again this summer. I miss it so much and would love to move back. Just can't leave my babies here though...sniff!

You blog is GREAT FUN! LOVE IT!


Kim, USA said...

My first time here, like your blog. Happy weekend!


Jama said...

Love those vintage table cloths!

Pauline said...

That's a terrific shoot-out post! You captured something quite special I think.
Those wildflowers are lovely!

Pom Pom said...

Isn't it hot there? Are there rattlesnakes?

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I will skip the food and join you two in the Bluebonnet tour. They are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

A four year old niece lives in Texas with her Mama and Daddy and they sent me a photo of her in the Bluebonnets a couple of years ago that is just the sweetest! They are such a beautiful and special flower in Texas.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE the tablecloths, and love the crochet sweater you're wearing too!.. Lunch sure sounds good, but I'm wondering if I'm now one of the very few who have not yet TRIED tortilla soup!!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

NanU said...

Looks good! If I'm ever in Texas I'm definitely stopping for pie.

~JarieLyn~ said...

wow, you completely reeled me in and mesmerized me. I love those tablecloths and I do agree that they are something special. The menu sounds delicious too. Tortilla soup is my husband's favorite and I love chicken salad.
What a great place to eat.

lpotts45 said...

Hey friend,

You were suppposed to doctor the pictures. lol

GingerV said...

I've been through Brady, but missed this restaurant - I would remeber this one no matter how long ago it was.

Cottage Rose said...

What a fun place to eat,,, I so love all those vintage table cloths,,,and the food sounds yummy too.... and all those beautiful flowers,,, gorgeous.... have a wonderful weekend.


Chef Dennis Littley said...

oh how I do miss Texas!!! Glad to have found your blog!

RedLan said...

I am getting hungry looking at your menu posted. the ambiance of the restaurant looks so cool too.

Barry said...

Trust Texas to have such an interesting little restaurant--and Texans to be having such a good time!

Unknown said...

I love tortilla soup and that cafe looks like a great place to eat and chat with friends.


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