APost About APost...My AhaHa Moment!

I should preface this Post with how the 'BrightIdea'  for it came about....there's more than one Bulb:

Bulb#1...Beverly's 'What's My Question Wednesday'...."Do you subscribe to the Newspaper where you live"?

Bulb#2...HiHoney...reading this mornings SanAngelo Standard Times and discussing why I'm sitting drinking coffee with him rather than with HP...HewlettPackard.
 (Isn't it great when you can start the day off with a positve answer..."Yes, Beverly!")

Bulb#3...The truth is, HiHoney, I'm worried about not being able to fulfill my UnPublished June Goal.
Yeah, what's that?
To do a PostADay!

Bulb #4...AhHa!  That's it....I'll Post About A Post! 

HiHoney said...Now you sound like some of these column writers in the newspaper. 
Yeah, how's that? 
They write about not having anything to write about!

So, with the RainGauge Post as an introduction, let's get to my 'AhHaMoment'....
...APost About APost!

This Post is not just any old post.  It has a history dating back to 1876.

That's when the community of Arden, Texas was founded.

So, yesterday when HiHoney suggested we do a 'DriveAbout PhotoShoot' to Arden, I grabbed NeatONikon, my Hat and Shades with anticipation of shootin' a Historic OldTown with buildings and people.

Looks like the Series of Droughts continues in Arden, Texas!
Why even the 'Frame Polling Station' that replaced the Brick School House has been replaced with a RainGaugePost!

Now, as Ya'll know I'm an Optomistic PhotoOpper and can always find Something to Shoot!
Right across the road from the Historical Marker and the RainGaugePost was this piece of FarmEquipment which
 I'm thinkin' must have been left just for this OptoPhotoOpper! 
Thanks Joe Funk!

And just up the road aways...Big Rocky Creek...and 'ThreeMorePosts'. 

POST Sign...
Thanks HiHoney! You take me to the Neatest Places!

Thanks Ya'll....For visiting!
 I guess this counts as my Official June PostADay Announcement!
I'm counting on a few more 'AhaHa Moments'! 


  1. Hi, Sue!
    I love it that HiHoney likes to take you for drives! He's a nice guy!
    Today is Bill and I's 32nd anniversary! Yahoo! We're going out to dinner and a movie and then spending the night at the Hyatt. Fun! Isn't it a privilege to love on a good man? Sending love to you, sweet friend.

  2. I love reading all your newspaper articles. You have so much Texas information for this Kansas girl. Love the old farm equipment----it would fit right in here.

  3. loved the morning post, thanks!

  4. Anonymous6/09/2010

    Hi Sue!! Oh, this was a cute post about a post and HiHoney is a keeper, isn't he? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hi Honey is a real sweetheart takin you to all those romantic places!
    I'm lovin the photo of the old tractor. Wouldn't you like to have ripped that seat off and take it home for the wall! LOL


  6. Hi Sue, this post about a post is quite entertaining. In fact I kept right on smiling all through to the end. Your post is lots of fun. I think there are lots of towns like Arden. We had one in Kenansville, FL. In the 1030's it was said to be a thriving metropolis. Now it is a gas station, the Heartbreak Hotel and a big two story school all of which are abandoned. I know this because we had a weekend home there near a fishing lake. They have a Marina and the bathrooms were for the colored and the whites. Not now but when we first built there that was how it was. This is beef cattle country in the middle of the state. Very remote but the draw was fishing and all my siblings and parents spent many a wonderful time there. We each had a acre of land and a weekend place to visit. The draw was my parents retired there. Our property was on on street all in a row. My father gave us the land so his six kids would be together on weekends etc. It was awesome until they both passed away. Now, I can't go there, it is too sad.

    Whew, You sparked a memory. this was 25 years ago.

    Back to the old farm equipment, the creek, and the 'posts.' Beautiful photos Sue. You and your Nikon are good buddies huh?

    Keep posting, no pun intended. HA!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. What fun and I love how you call him HiHoney!

    And, those pics of babybubba are sooo sweet.

    It was good to come by for a visit!


  8. Yep, that ole rusty farm equipment is right up my alley. I think my mother probably has some of that stuff out in one of her pastures over in Nacogdoches County in the Piney Woods.


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