Stayin' OnTask and Stuntman's Stunts

I've gotten so FarBehind that I think I'm now First...
...I knew better than to Set That Goal! 
I sure shoulda known better than to Publish it to the WholeWorldWeb!
The Goal???
I'm Going ToDo APost ADay!!
What was I thinkin'!  Here it is Day 28 of June and June Archives Number is 24!
I'm FOUR Posts Behind!
Here's the GOOD News!  I'm Staying on Task with the Red White and Blue Theme!

Yep, MoHawk wanted to go Fishin', so off to Spring Creek we went with our Favorite Fishin Gear.
Do ya'll have any idea how long it takes for a nine year old to be done with Fishin'
 when the Fish either aren't there or aren't interested in Frozen Shrimp?

Not long for a MoHawk StuntMan!

PS...I said, "Absolutely NoWay, Stuntman"!!!

 Stuntman said, "Awwwww ComeOn Nana, I'll help you get up the TREE"!!!


Anonymous said...

Back in 'the day' I would have been first in line to scramble up that tree. Not these days though. Go for it Mohawk Dude!

Connie said...

They'd have to PUSH me off that tree limb, sugar; I'm a BIG chicken. Cluck, cluck, cluck!!!! Mine grands call me Nana also.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! ComeOn Nana--I'm waiting for your Tarzan jump!!LS

Pom Pom said...

You are tough! Isn't it hot? What a nice grandma you are. Mohawk is a lucky duck!

Dar said...

Don't you just LOVE a child's energy? I still think his Mohawk is the coolest. I wonder what my Grandson's mother would think if I sent him home with one....argh, I'd be in so much trouble she would probably throw a restraining order on me...

Pam said...

That little Mohawk is one cute dude. Would he like to meet my beautiful soon to be 8 year old granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!

GardenOfDaisies said...

:-) You put a smile on my face.


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