No Bake Aprons

I've always loved Aprons.  They have been a part of my 'Collections' starting with one my Grandmother Minnie gave to me as a little girl.  I have posted about them here on CollectInTexas Gal many times...so often that I have an entire 'Label' dedicated to 'Aprons'. 
As a self proclaimed 'Apronista', it was only fitting that manufacturing aprons for my Shop became a staple part of the inventory.  Apron styles change as do suitable apron fabrics.  Not one for adhering to traditional styles and suitable fabrics, my Aprons took on an 'Apronista Arty' look fit for Florists to Fish Fryers.  The 'A' shape apron with adjustable ties is made to fit everyone...short, tall, wide or narrow.  They sold out, and a new style hit the apron rack.
I designed and named a style of aprons for myself...'SusieQ Smock' apron.  These themed aprons from every themed fabric from Sewing to Bugs were good sellers for those who wanted a super casual smock to wear over a Tshirt  and leggings...they cover a multitude of body types and were 'Trendy' to boot.  Over time...about a year or so...the themed smock aprons met their body types, sewers, entomologist, and so on, and now are tagged for a clearance sale.
My favorite, and the best selling apron I've made is the OJL (outta jeans leg) apron.  Yep, when you can't get a leg in them anymore...you got it...make an apron.  I wear this one at my shop, and in the last few weeks, could have sold it right off my 'Apronista Self' a dozen times. 
Time to cut up old style 'Flare Leg Jeans'. 
Style wise...it's perfect timing...I'm wearing skinny leg stretch jeans.
Oh, by the way, 'You don't have to Bake to wear one.


Joanne said...

very clever

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That embroidery at the top is lovely.

Nancy's Notes said...

Those are just so cute!


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