Fiber Arts Collage Maker...There's an APP for That

     The typical definition of 'Collage' reads like this, "From the French word coller, "to glue", is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole".  
     In todays visual arts, technology has impacted Collage Makers in such a way that "to glue" requires "no glue".  As an 'Old School Elmer's Glue-Meister", it's intriguing to envision collaging without some form of glue....even for a Fiber Collage Maker.  Yes, I use glue...it's called Fabric Glue and comes in a Spray Can and a Squeeze Bottle.
     Typical collaging can be a mixed media of paper, paint, scraps of this and that, and whatever.  So, how did Technology take those hands on 'GlueIt Together' materials to a 'ClickIt Together' visual art form.  They created an APP for that!  Next question...what's an APP?  I love this answer because it so fits a 'Fiber' collage makers thinking.  *"Simply put, an APP is a type of software...yeeeesss....that allows you to perform specific tasks."  
Perfect...I work with software...I'm all over this!
     Then the App'ers go on to say, "Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications...yada yada mobile devices yada yada.  When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it." 
Yippee, more I got this!!! 
 *My operating system sewing machine is computerized, has a desk type top and it's mobile.
     There's more!  The APP Collage'ers  go on to give very specific 'APP's' for creating a collage.  Again, I couldn't be happier to be ahead of the Technology Collage Game.  First, there's the Picasa APP...really, I studied all about Piccaso in college Art History, and can even name most of his famous collage looking paintings...back then it was called Cubism.
     This one caught my attention...PicMonkey!  Now, how in the world does that relate to my method of picking from the stacks of fabric or picking from drawers, boxes, and bags for trim, buttons, dodads and so on.  I'm no monkey...or am I?  I studied 'Evolution' in collage college, too. 
Now, here's an APP I can totally related to, and use as a Computer Collage Technologist. 
 Photo Collage!!! 
As soon as I finish up here with posting these Photo Collages of my new line of
Fiber Art 'Collage Bags'...
...I need to get back to that 'Simply put APP'*

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  1. The type of app I would like to find is to take a photo of all my fabric and I have a lot of it.
    And every so often when I want do a project I can pull up a certain fabric and it will sort out what I have and match up color matches...Maybe I can shrink my inventory.

    Coffee is on



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