What to do With Scrappy Art Yarn

So here I am with a collection of 'Scrappy Spun' Art Yarn.  I have emphatically said, "I'm not knitting or crocheting socks, sweaters or any other items that require two of a kind".  I have also made much ado about being a 'Practical Person' with a utilitarian thread running through me.  That translates to useful things...beautiful useful things...I don't make ugly!

What do I do with scrappy art yarn? 
A 'One of a Kind Necklace' is USEFUL...right?


bookworm said...

Why not? Beads are a great idea. Not for me (I'm more into "chewing gum for the mind/escape stress" crocheting right now, but one day...Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Sue McPeak said...

I've tried gum chewing and am no good at it...gives me a jaw ache and turns rubbery. It's an 'OverChewSue' thingy. Guess I'll stick to beading yarn...I mostly don't put it in my mouth.

Joanne said...

you are fun, and no you don't do ugly or eat yarn (mostly)

Sue McPeak said...

Right...except I am a catchall for flying fiber and strings of thread and other things that should probably go on a pincushion...ouch!


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