Scrappy Spinning Thanks to 'Mary's Little Lamb'

When Mary had a little lamb...she may have taken it to school, but she did not take that fleece as white as snow out in the freezing, rainy, muddy weather.

 Instead she stayed home, sheared the snow white fleece...which was so clean from not being out in the freezing, rainy, muddy weather she skipped the cleaning step.  Then she breezed through all the steps it took to get it ready for packaging and shipping.

What a smart girl Mary was, and today because it is freezing, rainy and muddy, I am not taking my 'Little Lamb Lovelies' to school work either.  Nope, I'm staying home and playing with recently received packages of wool from Mary Paradise Fibers.

 I'm finding...that just like in quilting/sewing, spinning out of the scrap basket is one of my favorite things to do.  'Scrappy Spinning'!!!

1 comment:

Joanne said...

You are brilliant. Indeed, February is living up to its reputation as worst weather month in my book. Soggy wet yarn would be a mess. Your bundles look lovely.


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