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As a pincushion collector, finding a vintage crocheted Victorian pineapple pincushion at an antique shop had me hoping it would find it's way into my collection.  It did not!  It was too pricey and although it was faded, the ribbon edging was frayed and flat, I couldn't disagree with the price...the pincushion was loaded with Victorian Hat Pins.  What was I thinking!!!!  One of those pins would have justified overspending my set budget.  Sometime later, I went back...it was gone!

It is kind of ironic how I finally was able to add one or two or three to my collection.  I purchased 'Fairs and Bazaars', an American Thread Company publication from 1955 for $3.00...$2.90 more than it's original cost of 10 cents.  That was within my budget, and made the trip back to the antique store worthwhile.

If you look closely...sitting on the center of the display table is a Pineapple Pincushion crocheted in pink with white ribbon edging.  I could hardly believe my eyes, and quickly opened the fragile booklet to page 10.  There it was, the pattern!

Ooops!  It called for that skinny thread and a tiny hook which was my one failure in Home Economics back in the day...like way back in the day.  Oh well, that was then and I am more experienced with both tiny hooks and skinny thread now. 

Needless to say, I was hooked on that heart pincushion, and made several...okay more than several.  Would you like the pattern?  HERE it is...on Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio's blog.
"Chocolate is great, it gives you energy
which can be used to
go buy more chocolate."
Erma Bombeck
February 21, 1927 - April 22, 1996


  1. love the Erma Bombeck quote (and your heart pin cushion)

    1. Erma Bombeck is my all time favorite to quote. She just 'Nailed' it on every subject. Thanks, these heart pincushions are a favorite to make.


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