Spinning Serendipity's Sheared Sheep

ser-en-dip-i-ty...the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

By CHANCE I met a group of spinners at an EVENT at The Chicken Farm Art Center. Am I HAPPY?

 Absolutely...becoming a part of The Serendipity Spinners has been BENEFICIAL and has enriched my life with the Art of Spinning and Friends who share in every aspect of spinning...from sheep to shop! 
Yes, I did spin. My Traveler wheel lived up to its 'made to travel' image. Together we plied a skein of turquoise spun yarn on the Jumbo Flyer.  What's a Jumbo Flyer?  Glad you asked since it gives me an opportunity to better understand it to explain it to others. 

First it is larger than the standard ones that came with the wheel, and has a much larger Orifice...black hole at the end.  Jumbo allows for fatter size spun yarn to feed through the orifice and hook guides onto the larger capacity spool.  Since I spin mostly thick and thin art yarn, Jumbo is a must.  It can be switched out with the 'Standard Flyer' in just a few minutes by removing the orifice holder...black thingy that screws onto wood thingy.  I love spinning on Jumbo, so naturally I NEED a couple more spools...they have been ordered and are on the way!  Although they are not priceless...this whole spinning thing still is!

Now about The Serendipity Spinners and their sheared sheep of which 'Abbigal' is one.  Here is a group of ladies well into their mid 50's and then some...like me...who raise a flock of sheep.  They are Shepherdess' in every sense of the word, and take great pride and care of every one of their sheep. 

I do not plan on becoming a Shepherdess.  Remember, I have already said, "I am not doing 'Sheep to Shop'.  I go straight to the 'Shop' for my 3 bags full.  Okay it may be more like 5 or 6...so far!  Anyway, I shopped at our spinning meeting and got a bag of Abbigal's roving.  How could I not with a name like Abbi-gal.  She is a Teeswater breed.  Did I know what that was?  No, I picked it for how it felt and it was white...then I googled Teeswater...here.  I think Abbigal probably comes from Royalty! 

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Joanne said...

three bags full of fun. Neat!


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