Fiddly-fiber-dee!  That's my Scarlet O'Hara exclamation for what my once Jewelry Table...now Spinning-Fiber-Jewelry space has become....crowded, stacked and organized.  Yep, I know right where everything is and within reach...until it gets covered up.  Then it's out of sight out of mind...happens to scissors all the time.

Oh, and it's also a bar...mostly a coffee bar, and I guess with the quilt designed coaster, I'll have to add Quilt Stuff to the already 'OverDoSue' Table.  Let's talk about the basket full of rolled wool.  I made it several years ago in my crochet rag rug revival and somehow it never got embellished with buttons and other finishing things.  I found it last night on a bottom shelf stacked with other UFO rag rug baskets, and decided it perfect for holding the split and drafted rolls of mohair roving.
Aren't these colors yummy?  Roving comes in a roll about 3 inches around which for me as a beginner is to big to pull apart (draft) while spinning.  After several hours of U-Tube watching, I learned about fluffing up the big roll and splitting it into smaller rolls.  Next step is to pre-draft the strips...pull the fibers to thin without pulling apart...then roll up loosely. 
Ready to spin!
Oh, Fiddly-fiber-dee! 
Coffee Bar Refill...first!

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Joanne said...

fluff and roll. Lovely colors


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