Auditions for Warp-Weave and Add-On's

My Home Studio looks 'Yarn Bombed'.  Practically every yarn apparatus, bag, bin, basket and bead container I own is open for auditioning several projects in the making.  Of course it's a major multi-tasking medium operation with weaving frames warped, jewelry table covered, and spinning wheel humming.  And in my defense...I'm not in an 'OverDoSue' mode...yet!

Do I have a planed project in mind?  Sorta!  In the 'Audition' process for using the newly spun 'Art Yarns' I decided to start a somewhat 'FreeForm' weaving.  First was choosing a warp yarn.  The gray wool skein from my first two spinning lessons worked out great for warping a 12x16 or so handmade frame. Next from the hours of practice spinning, plying and setting are 'Art Yarn' balls.

After a few rows of setting the warp and weave the fun of mixing weaving techniques of basket weave, twinning, wrapping and whatever else looks kind of funky, a few beads and buttons were auditioned.

From the baskets and bins of novelty ribbon yarns came a few shiny, glitzy additions.  It's early in the process, but I'm thinking a 'Boho Bag' may be in the making.

At this stage I should dig through the upholstery fabric bin.  Oooooh...something with a lot of texture, and maybe a piece of silky stuff for lining.
Auditioning over?  Probably not, but it's a start! 
Are you wondering what and when the finish will be?
Me too!

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Joanne said...

are things spinning out of control yet? Yarn bomber beware. Have fun


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